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Want printed study guides? FAST has moved nearly all our resources to a digital format. But you can still order printed materials using this page.

To get digital access, please explore The Journey. To share with your church, learn more about our Church Training tools. Digital access means no waiting, and no shipping costs! Sign up today.

Read our Terms of Use for info about shipping, refunds, and more.

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Training Lessons
Survival Kit $7.00   
Basic Training $10.00   
Team Tactics $10.00   
Explosion Formula $3.00   
Leaders Manual $3.00   
Discipleship Pack $30.00   

More Lessons
Crash Course $2.00   
Starter Pack $4.00   
Reclaim the Word $2.00   
Jump Start $8.00   
Mighty in the Word $8.00   
Power in Prayer $8.00   
Down to Business $8.00   
Laws of Life $10.00   

Verse Pack $2.00   
Verse Cards $1.00   

Memory Packs
Plan of Salvation, M-Pack $6.00   
Practical Discipleship, M-Pack $6.00   
Spiritual Leadership, M-Pack $6.00   
Basic Bible Teachings, M-Pack $6.00   
Endtime Events, M-Pack $6.00   
Master Memory Pack $30.00   

First Steps $3.00   
FAST Facts $6.00   
More FAST Facts $6.00   
Prophetic Facts $10.00   
Protestant Challenge $3.00   
Prophetic Cover-Up $3.00   
Truth Tables $10.00   
Workers Handbook $3.00   
Evangelism Pack $30.00   

The Moral Machinery $10.00   
MasterPlan of Evangelism $13.00   
Strongs Concordance $20.00   
Vines Expository Dictionary $15.00   

For Such A Time... Out of stock!

FAST Leadership, Audio CD's $20.00   

Bible Memorization, CD's: Out of stock!
For Such A Time, CD's: Out of stock!

Small Binder $6.00   
FAST Bookmarks $2.00   
FAST T-Shirt $15.00   

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