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FAST offers exciting web-based Intensives on important topics at various times of the year. To be notified when one opens for enrollment, create an account and we'll be sure to keep you posted!

Enjoy cutting-edge, life-changing training under experienced coaches with fellow students from around the world. Some of the Intensives planned for 2017 include:

REVIVE   (January)
Learn how you can have more of the Holy Spirit in the New Year through this 10 day upper room experience. Discover the biblical keys to revival, and how to maintain it till Jesus comes!

Breakout Challenge   (March)
Learn secrets to rapid Bible memorization with our step by step plan for acquiring verses. Take the challenge: 30 verses in 30 days! Discover how amazing your brain really is!

Life Focus System   (May)
Struggling with time management? This course zooms in on how to get your life into focus, and balance--by spending time alone with Christ. Discover your mission, make goal setting work, improve planning, and more!

Unleashed   (July)
Discover the New Testament plan to finish the work, by transforming your church into a training center. We'll share powerful keys with the potential to unleash every member for ministry!

Explosion Factory   (August)
This course gives power-packed tools for maximizing every mission critical system in your church: evangelism, training, leadership, visitation, communication, missing members, and more!

Secrets of the Heart   (November)
This course uses the sanctuary as a model for understanding the mind, and explores what it teaches about how to grow in Christ-like character, and live a Spirit-filled life. Adapted from the Moral Machinery.

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