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During the first 10 days of January, 2017, FAST presented a short, but power-packed series of studies on revival to nearly 1200 people from more than 60 countries. Countless testimonies were shared of how God blessed those who participated. And now, you can share in the blessing too!

All ten studies are now available in booklet form, along with a suggested prayer focus for each topic, and pages to record notes of your conversations with God.

Use it to experience your own 10 days with God. Read one section a day. Then take time to discuss the questions raised alone with God. And finally, use the note pages to jot down any insights God gives you. Then watch what God will do!

Topics in REVIVE :: 2017

Day 1.     Real, But Rare
Day 2.     Ask of Me
Day 3.     Into My Heart
Day 4.     Hearts of Flesh
Day 5.     Those Who Overcome
Day 6.     Power from on High
Day 7.     Take Heed to the Ministry
Day 8.     Spiritual Gifts
Day 9.     Unleashing the Church
Day 10.   The Final Revival

Great for doing a 10 day revival series in your local church. Or use it in prayer meeting and spread it out over 10 weeks. Get a copy for each person. For information about quantity discounts, please contact us. $10.00

Quantity:         $15.00

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