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FAST has helped thousands learn to memorize Scripture. And now, with our Breakout Memory Challenge, we can help you memorize even faster! Many of our past students have learned 30+ verses in just 30 days. You can too!

This exciting program teaches secrets to rapid verse accumulation we don't teach anywhere else. It's the best memorization course we offer!

What You Learn

Whether you have been memorizing for years, your memorization has slipped, or you are just starting out--this class is sure to help. Some of the things you will learn in this class include:

       Secrets to memorizing more rapidly and with less effort using a concept called pre-memorizing.
Detailed help setting up your personal review strategy to ensure long term retention.
How to master the art of remembering references.
The four main causes of a stalled memory program, and how to get going again when you've slipped.
How to integrate the verses you learn into your daily life through powerful meditation techniques
What to look for in memorization software, and how it can help you to memorize faster.

To get this book now, please click below. Or upgrade to a special Hard Cover version of the book for just a few dollar more.

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