Back to the Bible...
For years, you have known that revival is the greatest and most urgent of all our needs. And you've longed for that revival experience. Deep down, you know it is time to--become a true Revival Agent!

If so, you're ready to join our wildly reimagined, and redesigned, Revival School. This once-a-year training program will guide you through our most important training at FAST. It's time to climb higher!

What You Learn:

This course is part of our "back to school" emphasis for the month of August, and is designed to correspond with the academic calendar. It consists of two key semesters: a three month foundations course in the fall, and then a three month extensions course in the spring. Here's what you will learn:

Semester 1: Foundations
   How to study devotionally
   Secrets to personal prayer
   Principles of time management
   Bible memorization
   Keys to sharing salvation
   The power of teamwork
   The multiplication priority

Semester 2: Extensions
   How to prepare personally for revival.
   "Fanning the flames" of consecration.
   How to spark revival in others
   Safeguarding a revival experience.
   A strategy for church revitalization.
   What makes the final revival unique.

As a participant in our Revival School, you will work through two major courses: Basic Training and Revival Keys, plus multiple other short courses and supplemental resources to extend your training experience. Our goal is to make this our flagship training at FAST. Don't miss out!

How It Works

In addition to our life-changing weekly study guides, you'll have access to a special Revival School classroom with a whole range of supplemental, interactive tools and resources, including regular checkins, awards, enhanced coaching support, and integrated sharing resources.

Our plans are to pull out all the stops, to encourage prayer, deeper study, accountability, and ministry--in ways we never dared try before. Basically, we're putting all our best ideas, from years of experience in our online school into one life-changing experience.

If we are ever to finish the work before us, we must have true revival, under the power of the Holy Spirit. If that resonates with you, join our first ever Revival School and interact with students and coaches from around the world as we ask God to make us true revival agents, together!

What Does it Cost?

To be part of this exciting class, you will need to register between August 1 and August 31 (before midnight CST). No late enrollments will be possible. The course itself begins September 4, 2022 and ends March 31, 2023.

This is a partner only training event. To participate, you must have an individual giving plan in place, or be a member of a training center. Not yet a partner? Stay tuned for more information about how to get access at a special reduced price during the month of August only, including an all new "student pass" for high school and college students.

How to Sign Up

This training is no longer open for enrollment. :( But don't worry. We have lot's of other great training available!

This course is closed...

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