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FAST offers a suite of more than 20 personalized tools to help you grow in your walk with God. And they are all cloud-based and mobile-friendly, meaning you can use them anywhere, on any device. And we're adding new tools all the time!

Here are some of our most popular FREE tools at FAST:

Bible Reading
Use our reading record to work through the entire Bible. Read at your own pace and in any order, search for key words, mark cross-references, flag verses to memorize, and more!
Search Bible
Our lightning quick Bible Search tool can help you find every verse with a key word or words. Instantly move verses to your verse pack or review list. Give it a try!
Verse Pack
Put verses you are currently memorizing right on your phone so you always have instant access to them. Then when you are ready, move them to your review list, instantly.
Memory Engine
Our full-featured memory engine helps you learn and retain your favorite verses easily. Includes a powerful review tool, flash cards, card generator, first letter helps, and much more.
Prayer Journal
Let us keep track of your prayer requests and remind you when to pray. Enter requests, sort them into categories, and choose their frequencies. We'll keep it organized exactly how you want.
Manage Time
A turn-key time management system to help focus your life. Use your mission statement, priority goals, recurrent schedules, and specific tasks to create your optimum to do list.

Click here for a full list of tools. Oh, and there's a whole library of FREE printable discipleship forms for those who prefer paper. It's all inside...

Eager to start trying out these tools? You first need to create an account. It just takes seconds to join, and it's FREE:


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