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Training Centers

Wish your church were more intentional about making disciples? More effective at reaching its community? Want to see your church revived? Consider becoming a partner with us:

          Transform your church into a training center!

As a FAST training center, you get the tools you need to begin mobilizing your members for ministry.

How it Works

The New Testament church grew explosively--turning the world upside down in one generation! Every member, it seemed, became a worker. But churches today are staggering under different statistics. In North America, for example:

  • The majority of our churches have stopped growing.
  • It takes 100 members to win one soul to Christ.
  • Half those we baptize will be gone within a year.
  • Three-fourths of our own children will lose their faith.
  • Secularism is growing 15 times faster than Christianity.
We believe this is because most churches have no intentional strategy to mobilize their members for ministry. Churches are rarely training centers. But that is about to change...

By registering your church with FAST, we can help you begin putting our cutting-edge resources into the hands of every member in your church. We give you tools to get your members engaged. To track the activity and progress of each person. And to keep them learning, growing, and sharing! We provide support every step of the way--partnering with you in your efforts to raise up workers. Our goal, quite simply, is your success!    

Study Guides

Over the years, FAST has built up a powerful library of popular study guides and training booklets on more than 20 topics. Some resources are available in multiple languages, including Spanish, French, Korean, Chinese and more. These tools are great for prayer meeting, small groups, SS classes, personal Bible studies, and more. Once registered you get instant access to every resource in our library, in every available language. Some of the topics covered include:

As a training center, you can share these resources with your entire church. Our simple web interface allows you to quickly authorize and unlock the accounts of your members, so they can access our lessons for personal study. And with our mobile site, everything is available anywhere, anytime--in just a few clicks!

Church leaders have access to additional teacher resources, including step by step teaching tips, quizzes, supplemental handouts, certificates, promotional materials, and more. And they are licensed to duplicate our lessons for use in neighborhood Bible studies, small groups, SS classes, prayer meeting, and other local projects. Print out just what you want, and just when you want it. No shipping or waiting, ever.    

Ministry Modules

In addition to a wide range of study guides, we also provide training in ministry leadership. Our two month Explosion Factory will help you to maximize every mission critical system in your church: strengthen evangelism, facilitate discipling, build leadership, improve communications, develop vision, and more. We'll guide you through the steps of putting it all together.

Then, once you have completed our core training program, we will continue to send your church one new ministry module each month. Build a prayer ministry, use social media, run board meetings, strengthen families, train Bible workers, conduct a revival series, and more.

We are constantly developing the very best methodologies and are eager to share everything we know with our entire network of churches. We do our level best to keep your church on the cutting-edge!    

More Benefits...

In addition to our complete library of FAST training lessons, and a wide range of ministry modules, you also get access to all these exciting benefits--at no extra cost:

IntensivesEvery sponsor gets instant enrollment in any open intensive. Take our Breakout Challenge, Unleashed, Secrets of the Heart, and more.
The JourneySponsors are also welcome to take The Journey the next time enrollment opens. This 12 month track is our most comprehensive course.
DashboardPromote discipleship in your church right through your portal. All our dashboard tool are included: Bible study, memorization, prayer and more.
Leaders GroupUse our private leaders forum to rub shoulders with pastors and church leaders from around the world determined to take their church to the next level.
Priority SupportWe provide priority support to all our FAST training centers. Use our 24/7 Coaching Center to get prompt answers to your most pressing questions.

FAST currently partners with dozens of churches in more than a dozen countries. Our vision is to empower every church to become a true training center, able to mobilize its members for ministry! Your church could be next...

Ready to Sign Up?

Ready to get started? To give every member of your church access to all our study guides and training booklets? To learn more about our ministry modules--and begin maximizing the most important systems in your church? To learn more about all our training center tools? Great, we're eager to begin working with you!

To learn more about this and other great resources from FAST, please join our community or login...

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