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Check the list below to see if your church is registered as a Training Center. If it is, please join our community, or login to access your training center.

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3AM Training Center   Australia
Atlanta Korean-English Center   USA
AFM Training Center   USA
Albuquerque Heights   USA
AISH international   China
Alameda SDA Church   USA
Arlington Training Center   USA
ASD Medianeira   Brazil
Philippine Int'l Church   Philippines
Avon Valley   Australia
Balham Training Center   United Kingdom
Bairnsdale Training Center   Australia
Baview Center   Hong Kong
Baguio Central Church   Philippines
Bethlehem Training Center   USA
Boston Korean Center   USA
Bloomington Training Center   USA
Blue Angel Center   USA
Bowman Hills SDA Church   USA
Bozeman Training Center   USA
Bramley Training Center   UK
Brandon Training Center   USA
Bremerton Training Center   USA
Brewster Training Center   USA
Berrien Springs Village   USA
Bunker Hill Training Center   USA
Burnie Training Center   Australia
Canberra National   Australia
Caribou Training Center   USA
PittsboroCarthage Center   USA
Catarinense Conference   Brazil
Chehalis Training Center   USA
Cicero Training Center   USA
Clare Training Center   USA
Claremont Training Center   USA
Country Life Center   USA
Clemmons Training Center   USA
Cleveland Center   USA
Coffs Harbour SDA Church   Australia
College Heights Center   Canada
Collinsvale Training Center   Australia
Concord SDA Church   USA
Cape Peninsula   South Africa
Cranbourne SDA Church   Australia
Calistoga Training Center   USA
Daejeon International Church   South Korea
Dubai Training Center   United Arab Emirates
Decatur Training Center   USA
Dekalb Training Center   USA
Deloraine Training Center   Australia
Devonport Training Center   Australia
Dinuba Training Center   USA
Discover Life Center   USA
Detroit Northwest   USA
Dora Creek Center   Australia
Dubbo Training Center   Australia
Everlasting Gospel Center   Philippines
El Paso Training Center   USA
Exeter Training Center   USA
Fairview Outreach Centre   Namibia
First Flint Training Center   United States
Gateway Adventist Centre East   Australia
Galveston Training Center   USA
Gateway Adventist Centre City   Australia
Gold Coast Central   Australia
Gladwin Training Center   USA
Glenorchy Training Center   Australia
Grafton Training Center   Australia
The Quest   USA
Harvest Adventist Centre   Hong Kong
Hamilton Training Center   USA
Hammond Training Center   USA
Houston International   USA
Hong Kong Int'l Church   Hong Kong
HKCC Training Center   Hong Kong
Hinsdale SDA Church   USA
Huntsville Central Training Center   USA
It Is Written Fellowship   Canada
Illawarra Training Center   Australia
Instituto Quebrada Leon   Bolivia
Ithaca SDA Church   USA
Jackson Training Center   USA
Jamestown Training center   USA
Joliet Training Center   USA
Jupiter Training Center   USA
Kalgoorlie Training Center   Australia
Kempsey Training Center   Australia
Kencot SDA Church   Jamaica
Kingaroy Training Center   Australia
Laidley Center   Australia
Launceston Training Center   Australia
Living Water Center   USA
Luujin Fellowship   Mongolia
Magnolia FAST Training Center   USA
Margate Training Center   Australia
Melbourne Asian SDA Center   Australia
Masterton Training Center   New Zealand
McBride Training Center   Canada
Mountain Home Center   USA
Mid Rivers Training Center   USA
Mission Hope   USA
Mokdong Language School   South Korea
Monroe Training Center   USA
Maple Ridge Training Center   Canada
Mount Gravatt Center   Australia
Murwillumbah Training Center   Australia
North Aurora Center   USA
NEC Youth   United Kingdom
New Norfolk Training Center   Australia
North Harbour Center   New Zealand
Noumea Center   New-Caledonia
Oroville Training Center   USA
Owasso Three Angels Church   USA
Penang English Church   Malaysia
Pines Training Center   Philippines
Pinehouse Drive Center   Canada
Pioneer Memorial Training Center   Hong Kong
Port Vila Training Center   Vanuatu
Prospect Training Center   Australia
Pine Rivers Training Center   Australia
Pauls Valley Training Center   USA
Rethink Training Center   Australia
Revive Training Center   USA
Rice Lake Training Center   USA
Rocky Mount Center   USA
Rosewood Training Center   Australia
Rosny Training Center   Australia
Royal Oak Center   New Zealand
Salisbury Center, Australia   Australia
Salisbury Center, NC   United States
Chinese Union   Hong Kong
Seattle Central Korean Church   USA
Scottsdale Training Center   Australia
Scott Valley Center   USA
St Elmo Training Center   USA
San Gabriel Valley Chinese   USA
Smithton Training Center   Australia
Spotswood Center   Australia
St Henri Training Center   Canada
Stockholm Training Center   Sweden
Swansea Training Center   United Kingdom
Sahmyook International   South Korea
Taichung Training Center   Taiwan
Tai Wo SDA Church   Hong Kong
Tampin Hope Center   Malaysia
Tasmania Conference Center   Australia
Thomson Chinese Church   Singapore
The Vine   Australia
UAZ Training Center   Madagascar
Ulverstone Training Center   Australia
Vancouver Filipino Training Center   Canada
Vic Park Center   Australia
Victoria Training Center   USA
Waipahu Training Center   USA
Waitakere Three Angels Church   New Zealand
Wake Forest SDA Church   USA
Walnutport Training Center   USA
Warwick Adventist Church   Australia
West Central Multicultural   USA
Weimar Training Center   USA
Wonju Institute Center   South Korea
Western Rio Grande Center   Brazil
Wynyard Training Center   Australia
Wyoming Valley Center   USA

To learn more about joining our network of training centers, just create an account. It only takes a second, and it's FREE. So go ahead--get started now:


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