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Do you sense a growing urgency to climb higher in your walk with God? That the world is being seized with a deepening intensity--and that it's time like never before to give your life more fully to the cause of Christ?

What you're really longing for is revival.

And that's what this Revival Keys course is all about. It gives you the skills and tools you need to become an agent of revival. That key man or woman God can use to spark revival in your family, church, and community.

This class contains some of the most important information you can find anywhere. Specifically, you are going to discover a step by step plan to pursue lasting, authentic revival. Some of the things you'll learn include:

   How to prepare personally for revival.
   How to "fan the flames" of consecration.
   A checklist for holding revival meetings.
   How to safeguard a true revival experience.
   A strategy to see revival spread.
   What makes the final revival so unique.

This program contains nine thought-provoking Bible Searches, plus weekly objectives, practical suggestions, and bonus supplemental resources. $15.00


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