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Below is a list of study guides currently available at FAST. Click one to learn more. Then check back often, as we're constantly adding new content. Click here to learn how these resources are organized into training tracks.

To access our entire library of resources, enroll in our Study Center. To share these resources with a friend, launch a Training Team.


Survival Kit

Discover 10 keys to memorization, drawn straight from the Bible.


Basic Training

Get powerful nuts and bolts keys to the essentials of discipleship.


Revival Keys

Discover the skills and tools you need to become an agent of revival today...


Mighty in the Word

Deepen your Bible study skills with this powerful toolbox of study methods.


Power in Prayer

Explore the great prayers of the Bible and deepen your intimacy with God!


Down to Business

Powerful secrets to growing in power through personal obedience to God.


Laws of Life

Make life-changing, radical discoveries in the ten commandments.


Jump Start

Discover the power and potential of your local church, and plug in!


Worker Tools

Organize the ministries of your church around a true evangelism cycle.


Team Tactics

This classic course will teach you how to launch and lead a care group.


Truth Corps

Join the Truth Corps and learn how to open the Scriptures with friends.


First Steps

Explore the claims of Christ, and what they mean to modern man.


Prophetic Facts

A deep look into what the Bible really has to say about endtime events.


FAST Facts

Discover answers to some of the Bible's most confusing theological questions.


More FAST Facts

Discover more answers to some of the Bible's most confusing lifestyle questions.

To learn more about these resources, please create an account or login.


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