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Explosion Formula

This small booklet gives an insightful overview of the biblical concepts upon which our training programs have been built. Covers secrets to training, keys to commitment, and our FAST Track Illustration. Learn how to transform your church into a training center. Evangelism + Training = Explosion!

Leaders Manual

Interested in launching a discipling ministry of your own? This small booklet gives practical nuts and bolts tips on everything from how to lead a Bible Search discussion, and present the practical training, to encouraging memorization and building team prayer. Don't start a team without reading this first!

Protestant Challenge

The Protestant Reformation was based on the principle of Scripture and Scripture alone. Yet countless thousands today reject this principle without hardly a second thought. Read Rome's challenge to Bible-centered believers today, and an appropriate response.

Prophetic Cover-Up

Want to know the truth about Bible prophecy? This small booklet gives a shocking overview of the entire history of prophetic interpretation--from the earliest church fathers on down to every major Protestant Reformer. Has an astounding cover-up taken place? Decide for yourself!

For Such A Time...

Get our exciting new book by Dan Vis, entitled For Such A Time... A challenging look into the importance of memorization for the last days, including such topics as the Three Angel's messages and the Latter Rain. Also included, a quick Crash Course in Bible memorization!

The Moral Machinery

This challenging new book by Dan Vis explores powerful secrets to a life of victory and glory. Discover how our spiritual, mental, and physical faculties work together using the sanctuary as a blueprint. Astonishing insights that may just revolutionize your life! Includes discussion questions for each chapter--great for group study.

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