Serious about growing in your walk with God? This track explores secrets to "real life" discipleship. In it you will gain practical skills sure to turbo-charge your Bible study, prayer, time management, and more. And better still, you'll learn how to get others growing too!

Track II. Discipleship

Listed below are the six modules in our discipleship track:

Step 1: The Call
Let's begin with a brief introduction to the call of Christ.

Step 2: Foundations
Now, it's time to lay out the basics of biblical discipleship.

Step 3: Bible Study
Ready to grow in your study and application skills?

Step 4: Prayer
Ever wanted a deeper and more intimate prayer life?

Step 5: Obedience
Do you struggle to live a life of consistent faithfulness?

Step 6: World Vision
We'll finish up with a brief look at how to help others grow.

Discover even more secrets to living a Spirit-filled life.

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