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Memorization | Discipleship | Leadership

Revival spreads through aggressive service, and this track gives you the leadership skills you need to do just that: church training, ministry development, small groups, Bible work, public evangelism, and more. Our ultimate vision is to raise up leaders who can spark a multiplying movement everywhere...

To learn more about the goals, philosophy, and desired outcomes of this track, please read our article entitled Ministry Leadership...

Track III. Evangelism

Listed below are the seven modules in our evangelism track:

Step 1: The Call of Christ
Let's begin this track by discussing your call to service.

Step 2: Church Training
Transform your church into a training center.

Step 3: Ministry Development
Discover the keys to building an unleashed ministry.

Step 4: Small Groups
Acquire the skills to launch a successful care group.

Step 5: Bible Work
Learn how to give personal Bible studies.

Step 6: Prophetic Preaching
Equip yourself to know and share an endtime message.

Step 7: World Vision
Let's close this track with a strategy to finish the work.

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