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Memorization | Discipleship | Leadership

Serious about growing in your walk with God? This track explores the secrets of "real life" discipleship. You'll turbo-charge your skills in Bible study, prayer, time management, and more. And, you'll learn how to get others growing too! Discipleship is what keeps revival burning bright.

To learn more about the goals, philosophy, and desired outcomes of this track, please read our article entitled Personal Discipleship...

Track II. Discipleship

Listed below are the five modules in our discipleship track:

Step 1: Revival
We begin this track by introducing our need for more power.

Step 2: Hold FAST
Let's review memorization with a focus on building consistency.

Step 3: Stand FAST
Let's dig into the essentials of personal, practical discipleship.

Step 4: Work FAST
Let's explore the keys to sparking an endtime revival movement.

Step 5: The Commission
We finish with a look at how to stay focused on Christ.

Bonus: The Spirit-Filled Life
Discover even more secrets to living a Spirit-filled life.

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