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Digital Tools

FAST offers a suite of more than 20 digital tools to help you grow in your walk with God. And they are all cloud-based and mobile-friendly, meaning you can use them anywhere, on any device. And we're adding new tools all the time!

Here are some of our most popular FREE discipleship tools at FAST:

Bible Reading

Use our Reading Record to read through the Bible. If you've never made it through, this tool will help!

Search Bible

Our lightning quick Bible Search tool can help you find every verse with a key word or words.

Verse Pack

Put current verses on your phone so you always have instant access to help you learn them.

Review Engine

Use our automated review system to help you retain verses you memorize.

Prayer Journal

Our prayer journal organizes all your prayer requests, and reminds you to pray for them.

Manage Time

Having trouble getting things done? Our task management tool can get you back on track.

And here are some bonus FREE tools specifically designed to help with Bible memorization.

Future Verses

Use this tool to instantly store "someday" verses you want to memorize in the future.

Flash Cards

Here's a fun tool to help you memorize. We'll hide more and more words, until you know it all.

First Letters

Our first letters tool is a great way to learn chapters and other lists of verses. Print any set you want.

Card Generator

Print out verse cards for any set of verses you wish in a number of sizes and options.

Reclaim Pile

Brush up on verses you've missed recently in your regular review, and sharpen up those verses.

Random Drills

Do a quick random review of 50 verses or references, for a little extra practice--anytime.

Verse Sorter

Want to see all your verses, in all our memorization tools all in one place? Here you go.

Word Counter

Looking for more short verses? This tool will find verses of any length you like.

Memory Monitor

Use this to check up on your verse list and make sure verses are not being missed.

Partners Checklist

Here's a tool you can use to create a memory verse checklist for your accountability partner.

Our Bible Boosts resource area is a powerful hub for finding and learning key verses. Here are some of the tools you can find there:

Favorite Sets

A library of hand-picked verse sets on key topics. Get one per week direct to your inbox!

SS Verses

Want to memorize your quarterly verses? This resource can help you learn them.

Study Guides

Working on verses in one of our study guide courses? Here are some sets to help.

Memorize a Chapter

Here are some helpful tools for those wanting to memorize whole chapters in the Bible.

My Topics

Link your own verses sets together on common themes. We'll even cross reference them for you.

Here are some advanced tools that can help take your study and memorization to the next level:

Full Bible Review

Use this tool to organize your memory verses into 24 review sections from Genesis to Revelation.

Engine Libraries

Want to memorize something besides verses? Like hymns, or favorite quotes? Check out this tool.

Bible Notes

Store notes in our online Bible connected with verses--and access them from anywhere.

Application Area

Want to practice personal applications? Use this anonymous tool to give and get feedback.

Discipleship Quiz

Take this quiz for a quick discipleship check-up. Then take steps to improve your score.

Memory Challenge

Print out sign up sheets and writing forms to run a memory challenge in your own local church.

Sword Drills

Use our Sword Drills to connect common Bible questions with key verses, from our Truth Corps class.

Ministry Plans

Want help putting together a ministry plan? This tool from our Worker Tools class can help.

Eager to get started trying out these tools? You first need to create an account. It just takes seconds to join, and it's FREE:


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