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Digital Tools

Looking for more tools from FAST? Here are some of our most popular tools. These are FREE to anyone with an account at FAST.

Search Bible
Our lightning quick Bible Search tool can help you find every verse with a key word or words. Give it a try!
Flash Cards
Here's a fun tool you can use to help you memorize a verse. We'll hide more and more words, until you can say it all.
First Letters
Our first letters tool is another great way to learn chapters and other lists of verses. Print any set you want.
Card Generator
Print out verse cards for any set of verses you wish in a number of sizes and options.
Bible Boosts
Sets of verses on some of our favorite topics direct to your inbox each week.
SS Verses
Enjoy memorizing the verses in our quarterly? Grab cards for the current quarter.

These tools are only available to members of our Study Center. Click here to learn more about enrolling, and getting access to these.

Full Bible Review
Use this tool to organize your memory verses into 24 review sections from Genesis to Revelation.
Cross Referencing
Link verses together on common themes to create your own cross referencing system in our online Bible.
Bible Notes
Store private notes in our online Bible connected with specific verses--and access them from any device.
Word Counter
Find verses with a specific number of words. Great for finding short verses!
Memorize a Chapter
Helpful tools for those wanting to memorize the verses in any chapter of the Bible.
Application Area
Want to practice personal applications? Use this anonymous tool to give and get feedback.
Discipleship Quiz
Take this quiz and do a quick discipleship check-up. Then check back later and see if you can't improve.
Sword Drills
Use our Sword Drills to connect common Bible questions with key verses, from our Bible marking system.
Ministry Plans
Want help putting together a ministry plan? This tool can help you outline the basic steps.

Eager to get started trying out these tools? You first need to create an account. It just takes seconds to join, and it's FREE:


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