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If you are like most of the people in our community, you want to climb higher in your walk with God. But sometimes, that experience seems just out of reach.

Maybe you have heard people talk about discipleship, but you are not really sure how it all works. Or you don't have the support and encouragement you need. Besides, life is so busy already--how can I squeeze more in? Where do I even start?

You are not alone

I was fortunate. When I first became a Christian, I was just a young man barely into my 20's, and virtually no church background. But some college friends immediately took me under their wing and introduced me to the nuts and bolts of the Christian life. They taught me how to study and pray, memorize Scripture, discern God's will, witness, and more. They lived the life before me, and I began to grow.

At first, I assumed every new Christian got that kind of help. But I quickly discovered that was not the case. Lots of information about the doctrines of the Bible. Lots of sermons on what we should and shouldn't do. Seminars and workshops, books and study guides. But when it came to the nitty, gritty of how to make the Christian life actually work--there wasn't much help around.

So I began to focus my life on giving people real life answers to real life discipleship. The Lord opened doors for me to spend the next 20 years traveling the world as a speaker, writer, educator, and pastor. And all that time, I've continued studying, testing, and sharing secrets to Spirit-filled Christianity.

What is FAST?

FAST started out as a tiny ministry, making simple study guides available to individuals here and there. But it began to grow, as people told friends about our resources. It has since developed into a thriving community with thousands of believers from around the world sharing and encouraging each other in their walk with God.

Each week I send out a brief Monday Memo with some of the best research in discipleship anywhere. It's how our community stays connected. My goal in these memos is to get your week off to a good start. And even more, to give you practical strategies to help you move forward in your spiritual life. These articles are completely FREE to members.

We also offer short Online Classes on all kinds of interesting topics, ranging from Bible memorization, to time management, to personal ministry. Most can be completed in a week or so. And we try to offer at least one FREE class each month. Sign up for whichever class is unlocked right now and give it a try. Or become a partner, and take any class, any time you want!

We also have a full suite of Discipleship Tools to help you grow spiritually. Use them to read your way through the entire Bible, memorize hundreds of verses, maintain an active prayer journal, manage your time, and more. Each of these tools are available FREE to anyone with a FAST account!

And all those life-changing Study Guides that launched our ministry? They are still available for small groups, SS classes, or midweek prayer meeting. And personal Bible study too! To get full access to our entire library, just sign up as a partner. Or, visit our Online Store to purchase print copies.

For those who want more, The Lab is the place for you. We organize all our best training resources into customized action plans, wrap them up in an interactive and engaging community, and give you an official certificate for each track you complete! There's also a special Lab forum, email blog, monthly memory challenges, and powerful "lab-only" training events. Hands down, it's the best way to plug in to FAST.

Last, we have a powerful option for pastors and leaders who want to share our resources with their church. By launching a Training Center, you can put all our classes, tools, and guides into the hands of every member. And our dashboard helps you track center activity and promote engagement!

What Next?

Great question. The most important thing is to get connected so you can begin taking advantage of all our resources. Here are two things you should do:

1. If you haven't already, create an account. Look for a button that say "JOIN" or "JOIN NOW" and get subscribed to our Monday Memo's. We'll send a password you can use to login and access our member resources.

2. Make sure you add our email address (editor@fast.st) to the contacts list in your email program. Programs like Gmail and Outlook have gotten much more aggressive about deciding which emails to let through. Telling your software we're friends will help ensure our messages get through.

That's about it. Once we're connected, you can begin looking around, and we'll start sending emails aimed at helping you make the most of our tools and training. You'll be off and running before you know it...

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