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Welcome to FAST. We're super excited you have visited our site, and we hope you choose to become a regular part of our community. Joining gives you access to tools and training designed to help you climb higher in your walk with God. It just takes seconds to join, and it's free.

We actually have a lot of resources on our site, so you have plenty to explore. But if you are like most people, you're busy--so let's get right to what you should know to get started.

Across the top of every page, you'll find four main tabs: Townhall, Tools, Training, and Teams. If you hold your mouse over any of those tabs, you'll see even more link options. Here's what these sections are for:

  • The TOWNHALL tab will bring you to the main community area for our site. Here you can catch up on what's happening, interact with other members, and get access to whatever free resources are available right now.
  • Go to TOOLS to explore a wide selection of discipleship tools, ranging from Bible study and memorization, to time management and prayer.
  • Click TRAINING to learn more about our training tracks, to sign up for a class, or to get to a class you are already enrolled in.
  • And last but not least, the TEAMS tab is for leaders who want to share our resources with their family, small group, or church. That's also where you go if someone invited you to join their team.

On the top left side of the page, you'll see several member links--once logged in. Click your name or picture to review your profile. Go to the Account Area to get information about anything connected with your account. You can also check your messages, get site help, and log out if you are on a shared device. On a mobile device click your name at the top of any page to get to these member options. Explore around a bit, and you'll be a pro, in no time.

Our objective at FAST is pretty simple: we're here to give you the tools and training you need to take in God's Word effectively, live it out practically, and then pass it on consistently. Our community consists of thousands of members from all around the world, with one goal in mind--to climb higher in our walk with God. If that describes you, you're in the right place... :)

Want to know more about our ministry? You can read more of Our Story here. Or just go ahead and join now: