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Each week we send out a quick Monday Memo with some of the best research in discipleship direct to your inbox. Our goal is to give you something useful and relevant to help get your week off to a great start. And it's completely FREE! Here are a few recent posts:

Centers of Influence

September 17, 2018
In this repost about my trip to Brazil in 2017, I share insights to ministry from one of the most amazing churches I have ever visited. Click here to read more...

Keys to Target Grouping

September 10, 2018
Ministry is getting more and more difficult in today's media saturated world. One way to counteract that trend is to become more focused in ministry. This memo explains how to choose a specific target group.

The Value of a Soul

September 03, 2018
We do not have value because Jesus died for us, rather, Jesus died for us because we have value! Properly understanding the basis of our value is important. This article goes right to the heart of the matter.

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