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We don't just give you access to all our best training and tools, we guide you through it, with a carefully designed series of action plans designed to help you climb higher. Go at your own pace in the privacy of your own home--with the support of an encouraging community and an international team of coaches.

Here is a quick list of the modules in our Training Track:

Level I. Trainee

Our first goal is to teach you how to take in the Word of God effectively. FAST offers a number of valuable resources to help you begin memorizing. The action plans in this level move you from beginner to guru!
Step 1: Beginner
Learn the basics of memorization and memorize your first few verses.

Step 2: Intermediate
Gain more insights to memorization and the secret to being consistent.

Step 3: Advanced
Explore the importance of memorization for God's endtime people.

Step 4: Expert
Discover fresh ways to introduce others to Bible memorization.

Step 5: Guru
Take our Breakout Memory Challenge and become a memory machine.

Level II. Agent

Our second goal is to help you begin living out the principles of Scripture more practically. We'll give you a solid overview of the essential building blocks of discipleship, and then work to strengthen you in each key area.
Step 1: A Daring Adventure
Begin this level by exploring the call of Christ.

Step 2: Essentials
Dig deeper into the essentials of personal discipleship.

Step 3: Advanced Bible Study
Grow in your ability to study Scripture effectively.

Step 4: Advanced Prayer
Become more fervent and consistent in prayer.

Step 5: Advanced Time Management
Learn how to maximize your time for Christ.

Step 6: The Life of Victory
Understand how to live a more Spirit filled life.

Level III. Specialist

Our third and final goal is to empower you for ministry, giving you the skills and tools you need to begin impacting lives for Christ. Our ultimate vision is to equip every believer to multiply consistently.
Step 1: Revival Training
Discover how to be empowered by the Holy Spirit for ministry.

Step 2: Church Training Certification
Learn how to transform your church into a training center.

Step 3: Ministry Development Certification
Work through the steps of building an unleashed ministry.

Step 4: Care Group Certification
Gain the skills you need to launch and run a successful care group.

Step 5: Bible Worker Certification
Learn how to operate a Bible school out of your own home.

Step 6: Prophecy Certification
Equip yourself to know and share our prophetic message.

Step 7: Spiritual Multiplication
Launch into the Great Commission and go make disciples!
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