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The Journey

Ready to climb higher in your walk with God? Join us for an exciting adventure in discipleship called The Journey. We'll show you just how easy it is to memorize Scripture, apply it to your life, and pass it on to others.

Enjoy powerful Bible study, step by step objectives, and personalized support from an international team of coaches. Sign up today!

What You Learn

This program follows a clear path to spiritual growth through three modules all centered on God's Word: 1) Take it in. 2) Live it out. 3) Pass it on. You can start at any time and go as fast or as slow as you wish through the course. Topics covered include:

Module One: Memorization
  • Memorizing Word perfect
  • How to remember references
  • Secrets to longterm retention
  • Choosing verses
  • Genuine biblical meditation
  • The optimum pace
  • Keys to longterm consistency

Module Two: Maturation
  • Life application of Scripture
  • Setting up a prayer journal
  • Time management
  • Importance of teamwork
  • How to discern God's will
  • Overcoming temptation
  • Church fellowship
  • Sharing your testimony

Module Three: Multiplication
  • Developing a ministry plan
  • Identifying target groups
  • Ministering to felt needs
  • How to advertise effectively
  • Keys to building relationships
  • Communicating Bible truth
  • How to mobilize workers

What You Get

The Journey doesn't just give you great content. We have built a complete learning environment with every tool possible to ensure your success. Once enrolled in our training you get all of the following:

Study Materials -- Printable Bible study guides all included.
Diagnostic Tools -- Self-grading quizzes and worksheets.
The Dashboard -- Full integration with our dashboard tools.
Resource Library -- Supplemental resources throughout the course.
Discussion Area -- Interact with students from around the world
Coaching Center -- Reach out to our team of coaches anytime.

More Benefits...

In addition to our course materials, journey participants also get access to two more exciting benefits--at no extra cost:

1)   Instant access to any challenge whenever you like. Take Revive, our Breakout Memory Challenge, The Life Focus System, and more--whenever it fits your training. And retake them as often as you like!

2)   Get full access to our entire library of study guides and training booklets for personal study. Currently, we have material on more than 20 challenging topics, some in multiple languages! Dive into the tools that launched our ministry...

Ready to Sign Up?

To learn more about how you can join in the Journey, please login or create an account. Get everything you need to become a more effective disciple:


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