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Study Guides

Looking for those life-changing study guides that launched our ministry? They're great for small groups, SS classes, and midweek prayer meeting. And, for personal Bible study too! These lessons have been a blessing to thousands, you could be next!

To learn more about these resources, and how to get digital access for you and your church, create an account. For printed copies, visit our Online Store.


Survival Kit

Five brief studies for Christians interested in Bible memorization, plus our highly effective keys to Scripture Memory. Learn how to hide God's Word in your heart, and keep it there effectively! Our best introduction to laying up the Word.


Basic Training

Ready to get serious about growing in your Christian walk? Check out Basic Training--the program that launched our ministry! Covers such topics as how to study the Bible, set up a prayer journal, manage your time, personal witnessing, and more!


Team Tactics

Ready to begin reaching out to others? Discover the secret to the dynamic growth of the early church--the power of home-based fellowships. Then, learn how to launch a Care Group today built on New Testament principles.


Explosion Formula

This small booklet gives an insightful overview of the biblical concepts upon which our training programs have been built. Covers secrets to training, keys to commitment, and our FAST Track Illustration. Learn how to transform your church into a training center. Evangelism + Training = Explosion!


Leaders Manual

Interested in launching a discipling ministry of your own? This small booklet gives practical nuts and bolts tips on everything from how to lead a Bible Search discussion, and present the practical training, to encouraging memorization and building team prayer. Don't start a team without reading this first!


Jump Start

Want to understand better God's purpose for the church, and how to plug into it more effectively? Want to experience more of the fellowship, love and unity God intended? Looking for tools to help others get better connected? These study guides are for you!


Mighty in the Word

Want a deeper experience in the Bible? This study course explores 5 key ways to internalize Scripture, including listening, reading, study, memorization, and application. In addition to valuable practical suggestions, each lessons also introduces a new Bible study approach to sharpen your study skills.


Power in Prayer

Do you desire a deeper experience with God through prayer? This series of studies explores the topics of praise, confession, intercession, supplication and more. Plus it digs deep into some of the most important prayers of the Bible. Learn how to gain power in prayer!


Down to Business

Ready to get serious about your walk with Christ? This advanced discipleship course gives powerful keys to growing in obedience. Learn how to discern the Spirit's promptings, break sinful patterns, and build new habits of excellence. Plus, learn how to help others grow in obedience too!


Laws of Life

A powerful series of studying digging deep into the spiritual principles embedded in the ten commandments and their practical application today. Discover the root issues keeping us from reaching our full potential in Christ, and how to grow into a character of excellence.


First Steps

A simple introduction to the basics of the Bible, specially designed for seekers interested in learning more about Christianity. The lessons in this course covers the claims of Christ, the evidence behind those claims, and what those claims means to us, today.


FAST Facts

A great set of lessons covering some of the most controversial questions of our day: is the Bible inspired, what happens after death, is there really a hell, and what about God's law. Nine simple lessons, great for sharing.


More FAST Facts

This set of lessons picks up where FAST Facts leaves off, covering even more of today's controversial topics: music, entertainment, our appearance, diet, spiritualism, and more. Nine simple lessons, great for sharing.


Prophetic Facts

This course covers some of the most important topics in Bible prophecy: the Antichrist, False Prophet, Mark of the Beast, and more. Recently revised to make it even more effective when sharing with a friend: now includes NINE challenging studies!


Protestant Challenge

The Protestant Reformation was based on the principle of Scripture and Scripture alone. Yet countless thousands today reject this principle without hardly a second thought. Read Rome's challenge to Bible-centered believers today, and an appropriate response.


Prophetic Cover-Up

Want to know the truth about Bible prophecy? This small booklet gives a shocking overview of the entire history of prophetic interpretation--from the earliest church fathers on down to every major Protestant Reformer. Has an astounding cover-up taken place? Decide for yourself!


For Such A Time...

Get our exciting new book by Dan Vis, entitled For Such A Time... A challenging look into the importance of memorization for the last days, including such topics as the Three Angel's messages and the Latter Rain. Also included, a quick Crash Course in Bible memorization!


The Moral Machinery

This challenging new book by Dan Vis explores powerful secrets to a life of victory and glory. Discover how our spiritual, mental, and physical faculties work together using the sanctuary as a blueprint. Astonishing insights that may just revolutionize your life! Includes discussion questions for each chapter--great for group study.

Ready to start exploring these life-changing resources? Go ahead, and create an account. It just takes seconds to join our community, and it's FREE:


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