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One of the big changes we're working toward for 2022 is the introduction of an exciting new suite of growth tools designed to help you lead your church into growth. These tools will come built in with every new training center. Some of these tools include:

Video Room

Use our video conference room to connect with other members in your training center.

Live Conferences

Run one of our FAST training classes as a live event specifically in your local church.

Study By Mail

Offer our lessons to members by mail by running a local FAST correspondence school.

Prayer Ministry

Review recent prayer requests sent in to your church, join your local prayer list, and more.

Memory Challenge

Pick a book of the Bible and work together with friends to memorize the entire book as a group.

Church Directory

Create an easy one click church directory that's easy to update and keep current.

Event Calendar

Schedule out upcoming events using our handy church event calendar.

Kings Business

Use these newsletter templates to send out a monthly evangelistic newsletter to church members.

Attendance Tracking

Tracking attendance is vital to welcoming new members and supporting missing members.

Small Groups

This tool allows you to organize your church into small groups, and facilitate communication between members.

Church Reports

Use this section to generate all sorts of administrative reports to assist church leaders.

To learn more about these tools, or to register your church, please login or create an account. It just takes seconds to join, and it's free!


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