The Explosion

The New Testament church grew explosively--turning the world upside down in one generation! But churches today are staggering under shocking statistics. In North America, for example:

  • It takes 100 members to win one soul to Christ.
  • Half those we baptize will be gone within a year.
  • Three-fourths of our own children will leave the church.
  • Secularism is growing 15 times faster than Christianity.

Why? One reason is many churches have no intentional strategy to mobilize their members for ministry. That is about to change...



The Curriculum

The Explosion is our plan to help churches everywhere transform into true training centers.

It begins with a year long course that guides you through the process of maximizing every mission critical system in your church. Each month, we release a new module exploring some area in your church--complete with insightful articles, important tips on strategy, bite-size implementation projects, and step by step instructions. And, because our modules are spread out over the course of a year, it is paced perfectly for busy church leaders! The modules included are:

Event CalendarSet up a simple church newsletter, an events calendar, social media, and more. We'll even show you how to automate your bulletin.
Prayer MinistryBuild an active prayer ministry in your church. Have members share prayer requests then forward them to your prayer team automatically.
DirectoryCreate an online directory of the members in your church that's always current. Import information from your existing spreadsheet or database.
DashboardIntroduce your congregation to our dashboard of discipleship tools, and promote their use right through your own church site.
Visitor RetentionLearn how to greet new members and integrate them into your church family. Get contact information. Offer free resources. Track interests.
Training ClassesLaunch one or more FAST training classes in your church, either online for members, or in a class at church--using our detailed teacher tools.
AttendanceTrack attendance by name and generate powerful statistics and reports. Analyze trends and church demographics. Set goals and more.
Visitation Organize your church into visitation districts by elders or deacons. Notify leaders of missing members and encourage a visit.
Small GroupsCreate neighborhood Bible study groups using one of several ministry models. We provide structure and tools, and facilitate communication.
Media ResourcesLearn how to upload audio or video sermons and stream them direct from your site. Embed youtube, vimeo, soundcloud, and more.
Reporting SystemsWe close the course by reviewing our various tracking systems, and give tips on how to keep things optimized for maximum growth!

Training Center Portal

But we don't just tell you what to do, we also give you all the tools you need. Once registered, we create a fully customizable training center portal for your church, giving every member access to all our study guides and training booklets, a full dashboard of discipleship tools, powerful church admin software, promotional materials to boost engagement, and more. Some of the features in this software include:

   Full featured online directory with privacy controls
   Easy to maintain event calendar
   Sermon library, with audio or video podcasts
   Prayer ministry tools for your church
   Embed your Facebook or Twitter feed, plus easy sharing tools
   Document repository for important church documents
   Attendance tracking tools with analytical reports
   Visitor follow-up system including surveys and interest lists
   Flag absent members for a visit, and other support tools
   Powerful group management and messaging system
   Create custom mail lists, phone chains, and email bulletins
   Automatic birthday and anniversary e-cards
   Track evangelistic meetings with optional keytag scanner
   Divide church into districts under assigned leaders
   New features being added regularly...

Because our software is tightly integrated with our training curriculum, we can guide you through the process of implementing every feature you want, and are on hand to help at every step! The combination of powerful training, comprehensive software, and personal coaching with your earnest effort--will lead to certain change in your church!

More Benefits...

In addition to your training center portal, and our cutting-edge course materials, explosion partners also get access to these exciting benefits--at no extra cost:

Resource LibraryWe highlight specific articles, media presentations, and study materials to enrich your training throughout the entire course.
IntensivesWe give you instant enrollment in any open intensive. Take our Breakout Memory Challenge, Cross Reference, Secrets of the Heart, and more.
Leaders GroupJoin our private Facebook group for leaders determined to take their church to the next level. We provide priority support to our training centers.
The JourneyAs an explosion partner you are welcome to take The Journey the next time enrollment opens. The price is included!
DashboardPromote memorization, Bible reading, prayer and time management right through your own training center portal. All our dashboard tool are include.
Study GuidesWe unlock our entire library of study guides and training booklets for personal study. Currently, we have material on more than 20 topics! And through your training center portal you are licensed to duplicate them for outreach and training!

Demo City

Want to see what our Training Center portal looks like? Here's a small demo site so you can take a peek:

Demo City is a small church with a membership and average attendance of about 40 people. The church is subdivided into three areas, each under an elder. The data is fictional, and our forms are disabled--but it gives a good idea how everything works, and the reports and features available to you. Just login using one of the links below. Logout to see the visitors view.

Paul Damascus
Pastor of Demo City


Sam Smith
Elder of Area Two


About the Instructor

This course is taught by Dan Vis, the founder and director of FAST Missions. With no formal theological training other than years of intense personal memorization and study of the Word, Dan began developing training tools, and was soon speaking in churches, throughout the USA and around the world. Everywhere, he met dedicated leaders with a sincere longing to see their churches become true training centers. And he eventually developed an online school to help meet this need.

In 2010, he and his wife, Vi, were invited to pastor a medium sized church in the western suburbs of Chicago. Together, they threw themself into the work of discipling members--and the church responded eagerly. Within a few years, attendance had doubled. On a typical service, 25% of those in attendance were either new or reclaimed members, or individuals in the process of seeking God. Approximately 50 people completed The Journey curriculum, and more than a quarter of them were certified as instructors.

As a pastor, Dan began assessing every major system in the church and building tools to maximize each. These tools eventually made it into the church admin software included with this course. They also began moving resources, like their popular FAST study guides, and the discipeship dashboard from their online school to training center sites for local churches. Their church eventually grew from one congregation to three.

Dan and Vi continue to tweak their tools and resources to improve them every way possible. They currently partner with dozens of congregations in more than a dozen countries, and have developed The Explosion as a way to empower an entirely new batch of churches in 2017. Their vision is to see every church become a training center.

Your church could be next!

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