Bible School
Below is a list of short classes currently available at FAST. Click one to learn more. Then check back often, as we're constantly adding new content.

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Crash Course

Discover Bible-based keys to memorization for FREE at FAST Missions.

Application Workshop

Learn how to transform your life through the personal application of Scripture.

Prayer Secrets

Does prayer sometimes feel mysterious and strange? This class pulls back the veil.

Life Focus System

Use purpose, priorities, planning, and projects to find greater focus in life.

The Lost Art

Want to help others grow in their walk with God? Discover the lost art of discipling.

Hero's Journey

The Christian life was meant to be a daring adventure. Is yours?

Project: HOPE

Discover simple keys to filling your life with more happiness and joy.


Want to get out of the BOX? Discover how to be free at last...

Made in Heaven

Discover powerful keys to a richer and more rewarding marriage.

For Such a Time

Discover the power of God's Word to spark an endtime revival. Is it time?


Want more of God's Spirit? Join us for a 10 day upper room experience at FAST.

Prophecy: Fact or Fiction

Does the Bible really predict future events? You be the judge.

Monkey Business

Find out how evolution is actually the theory that fails the science test.

Rocket Goals

Reach new heights by discovering and achieving your most important goals!

FAST Friends

Learn fresh ways to share what you are learning at FAST with your friends.

ABC Witnessing

Learn how to lead another person to Christ, using our ABC witnessing toolbox.

Spiritual Gifts

Discover long lost secrets to how the Spirit works through spiritual gifts.

Cross Reference

Our innovative Bible marking system can help you answer people's questions fast.

Truth Triumphant

Eager to learn how to study the Bible with friends? This course explains how...

Magnetic Church

Discover proven strategies for encouraging memorization in your local church.

Laws of Leadership

Ever feel your church is stuck? Use these keys to get your church moving again.

The Movement

Discover God's plan to finish the work, through a powerful endtime movement...

The Anti-Seminary

Learn how enrolling in the anti-seminary can help you find truth in all the wrong places.

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