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The Daily Blog

Need a morning jolt of spiritual encouragement? The Daily Blog exists to share foundational insights from the Word of God to living the life of faith.

I post one short nugget each day, minus the weekends, for your consideration and reflection. Enjoy!


John 6:53

December 09, 2021
      We can try to water down the cost of discipleship today, but the obligations remain unchanged. We must commit ourself to daily time in God's Word.

Luke 16:13

December 08, 2021
      Here's another area that's involved in the cost of discipleship: money. Have we come to the place where Jesus always comes first in our spending?

Luke 14:26

December 07, 2021
      Yes, discipleship is costly. It demands absolute loyalty. And especially when it comes to the people we love most in this world. Yes, Jesus has to come first...

Luke 9:62

December 06, 2021
      The call of Jesus is a call to absolute loyalty, and single-minded focus. Those who look back are not fit for the kingdom.


Luke 8:17

December 03, 2021
      Why is it some Christians seem so ineffective in their witness? And is there something about spiritual secrecy that might turn things around?

Luke 11:33

December 02, 2021
      While many aspects of the Christian life require secrecy (prayer, Bible study, and obedience), there's one that has to be public: witnessing.

Luke 13:21

December 01, 2021
      Another area that by its nature, remains inherently secret, is our struggle with obedience. Our individual efforts to build in and live out Scripture.

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