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The Daily Blog

Need a morning jolt of spiritual encouragement? The Daily Blog exists to share foundational insights from the Word of God to living the life of faith.

I post one short nugget each day, minus the weekends, for your consideration and reflection. Enjoy!

John 5:39

September 27, 2021
      After making some of His boldest and most explicit claims about His identity, Jesus pointed His listeners to the most authoritative proof...

Luke 17:10

September 24, 2021
      True faith is not about seeking miracles for ourselves. It is laboring for the Master as servants who do that which is our duty to do.

Matthew 17:20

September 23, 2021
      The mustard seed is not a symbol of faith because of how small it is. Rather, it is a symbol of faith because of how large it can grow.

Matthew 8:10

September 22, 2021
      It's not enough to have a theological knowledge of the Scriptures. We must have an intimate belief that the power of God flows through its pages.

Luke 8:46

September 21, 2021
      Faith is not merely believing. It's reaching out and touching divine power. Tapping into "dunamis", the kind of dynamite with power to change our life.

John 16:31

September 20, 2021
      The disciples really thought they believed, but Jesus had to confront them on that point: Really? Do you seriously believe now, finally?

Mark 16:16

September 17, 2021
      The sin issue is not just some accidental infection. It's a moral condition for which we are going to be held accountable. We are responsible...

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