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Monday Memos

Each week we post reviews of important articles on the web, as well as our own original content. Below you can explore some recent posts.

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Four Keys to a Mission Centered Church
July 23, 2017
Throughout this month, we have been talking about God's purpose for the church. Today's article looks at how to see your church become more mission focused.
Mission vs Vision
July 16, 2017
Mission and vision statements have been trendy for awhile. But unless we understand the difference between the two, and how they work together, it is unlikely they will have much impact on your church. This article explores this important topic.
The Three M's of Discipling
July 09, 2017
This week's Monday Memo explores the biblical foundation for the training process we advocate at FAST. Learn why it is so important to take in, live out, and pass on God's Word.
Teaching vs Training
July 02, 2017
One of our biggest problems in the area of discipleship today, is our failure to understand the difference between teaching and training. This article helps make that difference clear.
Your Mission in Life
June 25, 2017
Many struggle with their purpose in life. This week's Monday Memo looks at how to discover your reason for existence, and gives tips on how to write and use a personal mission statement.

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