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Looking for printed study guides? Use our Online Store to order resources from FAST. To get digital access, join the Lab--or register a team. Looking for our discounted legacy lessons? Click here.

For a quick item description, hold your mouse over the name. For more detailed information, click it. To see our discounted legacy inventory, click here.

Training Study Guides
Survival Kit $10.00    
Basic Training $15.00    
Team Tactics $20.00    
Jump Start $15.00    
Mighty in the Word $15.00    
Power in Prayer $15.00    
Down to Business $15.00    
Laws of Life $20.00    
Worker Tools $18.00    

FAST Classes
Crash Course $8.00    
Breakout Memory Challenge OUT OF STOCK...
Application Workshop $13.00    
Prayer Secrets OUT OF STOCK...
Life Focus System $9.00    
Rocket Goals $15.00    
The Hero's Journey OUT OF STOCK...
Project: HOPE $8.00    
Made in Heaven $9.00    
Dry Bones $15.00    
Explosion Blueprint $9.00    
The Lost Art OUT OF STOCK...
Laws of Leadership $10.00    
Cross Reference $8.00    
Spiritual Gifts $10.00    
Fact or Fiction? $12.00    
Unleashed Ministry $10.00    

Memory Cards
Verse Card Holder $3.00    
Blank Verse Cards $2.00    
Plan of Salvation, M-Pack OUT OF STOCK...
Practical Discipleship, M-Pack $7.00    
Spiritual Leadership, M-Pack $7.00    
Basic Bible Teachings, M-Pack $7.00    
Endtime Events, M-Pack OUT OF STOCK...

Evangelism Resources
First Steps $7.00    
FAST Facts $10.00    
More FAST Facts $10.00    
Prophetic Facts $20.00    
Prophetic Cover-Up $5.00    
Protestant Challenge $5.00    

For Such A Time... OUT OF STOCK...
The Moral Machinery OUT OF STOCK... $.0    

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