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Looking for big savings? We've recently transitioned to a new format for our study guides and are clearing out legacy inventory--at big savings for you. But grab it while you can. Inventory is limited...

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Study Guides
Survival Kit (0) OUT OF STOCK...
Basic Training (0) OUT OF STOCK...
Team Tactics (30) $10.00   $6.00   
Jump Start (25) $8.00   $5.00   
Mighty in the Word (0) OUT OF STOCK...
Power in Prayer (0) OUT OF STOCK...
Down to Business (0) OUT OF STOCK...
Laws of Life (12) $10.00   $6.00   

Small Booklets
Explosion Formula (50) $3.00   $2.00   
Leaders Manual (50) $3.00   $2.00   
Crash Course (50) $2.00   $1.00   
Call to Action (50) $2.00   $1.00   
Reclaim the Word (50) $2.00   $1.00   
REVIVE :: 2017 (0) OUT OF STOCK...

Evangelism Tools
First Steps (30 ) $3.00   $2.00   
FAST Facts (22) $6.00   $4.00   
More FAST Facts (28) $6.00   $4.00   
Prophetic Facts (16) $10.00   $6.00   
Prophetic Cover-Up (40) $3.00   $2.00   
Protestant Challenge (70) $3.00   $2.00   
Truth Tables (14) OUT OF STOCK...
Workers Handbook (0) OUT OF STOCK...

Printed Cards, Set I (65) $3.00   $2.00   
Printed Cards, Set II (52) $3.00   $2.00   
FAST Leadership, Audio CD's (11) $20.00   $15.00   
Small Binder (5) $6.00   $5.00   

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