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Everyone wants to be involved in ministry. And not just any ministry--we want to do something that works! But all too often our efforts seem futile. We keep doing the same things, year after year, yet fail to achieve the results we want.

Well, that's about to change...

This exciting live training event from FAST will guide you step by step through the ministry development process and show you how to either revitalize an existing ministry, or launch something entirely new. Bring your best efforts to this interactive deep-dive experience. And be among the first to experience the power of our newest training resource.

What You Learn

After serving as a pastor for seven years in a thriving, bustling church, I stepped down to answer one question: why are the vast majority of ministries in most churches not reaching people effectively? This exciting new course is the first of several new resources I'm creating specifically to answer that question. If you want to share my discoveries, I encourage you to be part of this groundbreaking class. Some of the things you will learn include:

   How to identify the best areas of ministry.
   How to reach people in your community.
   How to establish life-changing relationships.
   How to lead people to decision.
   How to ensure new members are nurtured.
   How to mobilize additional workers.
   How to create a global ministry impact.

This program contains nine thought-provoking Bible Searches, plus weekly objectives, practical suggestions, and bonus supplemental resources.

Quantity:         $18.00

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