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Fact or Fiction?

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In these modern times, people everywhere are questioning the validity of the Bible. Some want to believe, but have questions, and are searching for evidence. That evidence can be found in Bible prophecy.

In this class, we explore the vital question: Is Bible prophecy fact or fiction? And if it's true, what is it saying to me today? Seven short but shocking lessons that may just change how you think about the future...

What You Learn:

This course explores several important Bible prophecy questions, in simple and easy to understand language. Designed specifically for busy, thinking people, these lessons take just a few minutes each day. Complete the whole course in one week! Some of the topics covered include:

   Does the Bible predict history?
   Was Jesus really prophesied?
   Who or what is the Antichrist?
   Is the US foretold in Scripture?
   What is the Mark of the Beast?
   How can we prepare for tomorrow? $12.00


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