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Have you struggled to make personal applications in your study of the Bible? With moving from principle to project? If so, we have something special planned just for you: the Application Workshop and Experience!

This exciting new live training event will teach you the exact skills you need to turn your morning watch into a genuine adventure in life application. By combining both theory and practive, our goal is to make this program one of the MOST powerful courses we've ever offered!

What You Learn

In traveling to countless churches, I've noticed a common problem: Believers everywhere have trouble connecting Scripture to their daily life. As a result, our members have lot's of information, but little real transformation. This class can help, by teaching the following:

   The best study method for personal application.
   The essential marks of an effective project.
   How to "prime the pump" through prayer.
   Creating a lab for true "experimental religion".
   A practical strategy to integrate faith and works.
   How to ensure personal projects get carried out!


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