Everyone wants to be involved in ministry. And not just any ministry--we want to do something that works! But all too often our efforts seem futile. We keep doing the same things, year after year, yet fail to achieve real results.

Well, that's about to change...

This exciting class from FAST will show you step by step how to revitalize an existing ministry, or launch something entirely new!

What You Learn

This nine week study course combines insightful Bible studies with powerful practical suggestions to guide you through the ministry development process. Some of the topics include:

   How to identify the best areas of ministry.
   How to reach people in your community.
   How to establish life-changing relationships.
   How to lead people to decision.
   How to ensure new members are nurtured.
   How to mobilize additional workers.
   How to create a global ministry impact.

How to Sign Up

Before you can sign up for this class, you will need to create an account at FAST. Already a member? Use the link below to login. Once in, please return to this page: