Bible School
Many sense we are living in important times. And perhaps even, the final days of earth's history--as foretold in the Bible. This powerful Bible study course digs deep into what the Bible really has to say about our day. And more important, what lies just ahead...

These challenging study guides use a question and answer format to guide you step by step right through to the heart of Revelation's endtime message for modern man. It's the perfect resource for sharing God's final warning with a serious seeker.

What You Learn

The study guides in this 9 week course are designed to lead a seeker through the foundational biblical prophecies required to understand tomorrow's headlines. One of our most important courses! Some of the things covered in this class include:

    Does the Bible predict the future?
    Was Jesus really the Messiah?
    Who is the Antichrist?
    Is the USA in Bible prophecy?
    How do I avoid the Mark?
    What is the Battle of Armageddon?
    And much more...

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