Too much to do, and not enough time to do it? This all new challenge can help you get more out of your day by teaching you the power of personal focus.

Gain vital insights into projects, planning, prioritization, and purpose. It takes just six days to complete, and it is completely FREE! Scroll down to sign up...

What You Learn:

This course gives you everything you need to begin focusing your life on the things that matter most. Some of the topics covered include:

   The importance of time
   How to keep track of tasks
   Avoiding overwhelm
   Keys to effective planning
   Setting goals and priorities
   Living with purpose

What Others Say:

Very inspiring, broken down in a very doable way! Thank you for putting this together! (California)

Wow. What a blessing. I feel peace after implementing these principles. (South Africa)

I have come away with concepts and ideas that I had never seen implemented nor heard about. I am excited! (Kenya)

Thank you for this course, Dan. It is helping already and I know the rest of my year will keep getting better and better. (California)

Than you Dan for this excellent course. I am determined to follow this through. (United Kingdom)

Thank you Pastor Dan. This has been the most insightful course I have taken. I have already shared it with three people. (Sweden)