Bible School
Ever feel like you just weren't quite connected to your church like you wanted? Or perhaps you are a new believer and you are not quite sure what the church is really all about? This exciting course from FAST can help!

Get ready to discover God's true purpose for the church, its true potential and power, and how you can plug in today!

What You Learn

The study guides in this 7 week course are designed to help a Christian understand the critical importance of the local church, and how to get more involved. Discover the reason your church exists and how you can make the most of your participation. Some of the things covered in this class include:

    The secret to fellowship.
    The importance of Bible study.
    The priority of training.
    The need for worship.
    The place for small groups.
    The call to love.
    And much more...

How to Sign Up

Before you can sign up for this class, you will need to create an account at FAST. Already a member? Use the link below to login. Once in, please return to this page:


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