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Want to share what you are learning at FAST with friends and family--but don't know how? This exciting new class will give you fresh ideas even the most timid person can use. And it's FREE!

Discover easy, step by step instructions, for outreach methods you can use to promote any ministry! Scroll down to sign up...

What You Learn:

This course includes a series of simple missions designed to help you grow in witnessing power. Some of the topics covered include

   The ladder method of witnessing training
   Tools to connect with people at FAST
   How to overcome irrational fear
   Tips on using the internet for sharing
   Witnessing both in and out of the church
   Easy ways to go door to door
   Understanding and using your secret weapon
   And much more...

How to Sign Up

Before you can sign up for this class, you will need to create an account at FAST. Already a member? Use the link below to login. Once in, please return to this page:


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