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Want to understand God's plan for true education? If so, get ready for an awe inspiring deep dive into a classic masterpiece on the subject written over one hundred years ago. Discover timeless principles established by God and how they lead to radical transformation.

Learn how to cooperate with God in your own personal discipleship, and then help others grow more quickly as well.

What You Learn

Together, we'll explore and discuss key chapters from the book Education written by E. G. White in 1903. Some of the topics we'll cover include:

    Education before the fall
    Education among the patriarchs
    Education in Israel
    Education and the disciples
    Education in our day
    Education throughout eternity

How It Works

In addition to nine weeks of readings, filled with breath-taking insights and principles, we'll have weekly memory verses, challenging discussion topics, quizzes, support checkins, and more.

We'll analyze one lesson each week, extract key principles, and search for ways to apply those principles to our own walk with God. We'll also explore how to apply those principles to the great work of making disciples, and fulfilling the great commission.

This is an advanced training class for those who are already familiar with the core principles of discipleship we teach at FAST and are eager to dig deeper...

Ready to Join?

To be part of this exciting class, you will need to register between September 16 and September 29 (before midnight CST). No late enrollments will be possible. The course itself begins October 1 and continues for nine weeks.

How to Sign Up

Before you can sign up for this class, you will need to create an account at FAST. Already a member? Use the link below to login. Once in, please return to this page:


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