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Want a quick start to Bible memorization? Our Crash Course may be just what you are looking for! It covers everything you need to know to begin hiding God's Word in your heart, and you can complete it in just 7 days...

FAST has helped thousands learn the secrets of effective Bible memorization. You could be next!

What You Will Learn:

This course gives a great quick introduction to the basics. You will learn:

   How to get a verse to stick
   The secret to long-term retention
   Keys to remembering references
   How to remain consistent
   An introduction to memory tools
   And much more...

How to Sign Up

Before you can sign up for this class, you will need to create an account at FAST. Already a member? Use the link below to login. Once in, please return to this page:



What to see a few recent comments, for an idea what people are saying about this class?

I enjoyed this crash course so much over the past few days! So many wonderful tips, I can’t wait to start applying them and also to share them with my friends and family! Tennesee, USA

I appreciate that the readings are short (especially good for beginners), easy to understand, and contained practical tips that are easy to apply right away! Florida, USA

Memorization of any sort has always been intimidating to say the least! But this course has made memorization of Scripture a true reality and I am very blessed and grateful for the time spent sharing this knowledge and these tools to help us be able to live our lives in His Word. North Dakota, USA

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