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Title: A Revival is Coming...
By: Dan Vis
Date: 2016-12-31
Description:   Things are advancing rapidly in the world. Is the church keeping pace? Our only hope is God's promised final revival...

Please use the media player below to listen to this sermon.

Posted by Chrissie Decker on 01/01/17
Is this in writing somewhere? Some of us have hearing loss, myself included...I am also a visual learner, hearing things just doesn't work as well for me. Thank you!

Posted by Chrissie Decker on 01/01/17
Sorry, this sounds unappreciative, I don't mean that to be, nor rude...I'm sorry. Not my intention.

I am sensitive of this not only for my own sake, but for the sake of others who are worse off than I am. Thanks for your forgiveness and understanding.

God bless!

Posted by Dan Vis on 01/01/17
Hi Chrissie! Unfortunately I don't have transcripts of my sermons. But we will be covering very comparable information in the REVIVE course. :)

Some people enjoy the audio messages, so I try to keep fresh sermons up for them. I'm a reader, myself!

Posted by Chrissie Decker on 01/01/17
Thanks Dan.

Appreciate the info. :) Good to know - I don't have my hearing aids as yet. :)

Posted by Laurie Wissink on 01/01/17
Powerful sermon to prepare for the first ten days!
Posted by Linda Gerace on 01/07/17
How about video? I was trying to watch this on your church site, but I never got through to the end. Today I went back to try and finish it up, and it's too late!!    It hadn't occurred to me there would be a new sermon posted for today. I much prefer to see the video than just hear the audio. If that's possible, it would be awesome!!

Posted by Dan Vis on 01/07/17
Linda, unfortunately we have not yet put a process in place to archive old videos. Just the audio. Maybe at some point, but haven't done it yet.

The sermon today was very appropriate for REVIVE though. It was all about faith. I'll try to put up the audio as soon as I get it. The video should be there for one week! :)

Posted by Linda Gerace on 01/07/17
Today's sermon on faith was such a blessing. I did watch it. Thanks!
Posted by Dan Vis on 01/08/17
Glad you enjoyed it! Will try to upload to FAST soon.
Posted by Fiona Van Wyk on 04/19/17
This is a challenging sermon, Dan - a good one for the start of the year. Thank you for it.

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