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Traditional Chinese Lessons

The following lessons are available in Chinese (Traditional). To get instant access to these lessons, please become a student or launch a training center.

Survival Kit

       1. 奇異恩典

       2. 仰望耶穌

       3. 抵擋試探

       4. 明白主旨意

       5. 團契生活


Explosion Formula


Basic Training

       1. 被召委身

       2. 靈修時刻

       3. 上帝應許

       4. 實事求是

       5. 聖靈寶劍

       6. 個人佈道

       7. 信徒小組

       8. 遞增奧秘

       9. 標竿人生



Leaders Manual


Team Tactics

       1. 當時之務

       2. 成功之計

       3. 建立社群

       4. 佈道引擎

       5. 生命之道

       6. 拯救生靈

       7. 啟航打漁

       8. 呼喚領袖

       9. 遠觀世界異像



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