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Are you a pastor or church leader? Maybe someone encouraged you to check out some article or class they enjoyed—but you don't really know much else about our ministry.

This document will introduce you to what we do at FAST. It doesn't list all of our hundreds of resources, but it introduces our three main training tracks, to help give a clear idea what we emphasize, and where are training priorities lie.

Want to get started on our training? Become a partner. Want to lead your church through these tracks? Launch a team. Let's work together to make disciples!

To learn more about how we can help, keep reading.

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FAST Training

Heard about some of the exciting training classes available at FAST? Want to try one out for yourself? That's fantastic!

We've organized all our best training into three life-changing training tracks, designed to help you take in God's Word effectively, live it out practically, and pass it on to others consistently. Keep reading to explore what you can learn in each track.



Eager to start memorizing God's Word? Our first track will show you just how to move from beginner to expert in four easy steps.


Ready to explore the secrets of "real life" discipleship? This track zooms in on practical skills for Bible study, prayer, and personal obedience.


This track gives you the tools you need to become a leader in the cause of Christ. Our ultimate vision is to equip every believer to multiply.



Eager to start memorizing God's Word? Our memorization track will help you move from beginner to expert in four easy steps. Learn how to memorize verses word-perfect, remember references, retain verses permanently, and much more. Get ready to launch out into an exciting adventure!

Track I. Memorization

Listed below are the four modules in our memorization track:

Step 1: Beginner
Get a quick intro to Bible memorization and grab your first few verses.

Step 2: Intermediate
Let's get serious about learning Bible-based keys to memorizing.

Step 3: Advanced
Take our Breakout Memory Challenge and become a memory machine.

Step 4: Expert
Explore fresh ways to share Bible memorization with friends.

Discover the special importance of memorization for God's endtime people.



Serious about growing in your walk with God? This track explores secrets to "real life" discipleship. In it you will gain practical skills sure to turbo-charge your Bible study, prayer, time management, and more. And better still, you'll learn how to get others growing too!

Track II. Discipleship

Listed below are the six modules in our discipleship track:

Step 1: The Call
Let's begin with a brief introduction to the call of Christ.

Step 2: Foundations
Now, it's time to lay out the basics of biblical discipleship.

Step 3: Bible Study
Ready to grow in your study and application skills?

Step 4: Prayer
Ever wanted a deeper and more intimate prayer life?

Step 5: Obedience
Do you struggle to live a life of consistent faithfulness?

Step 6: World Vision
We'll finish up with a brief look at how to help others grow.

Discover even more secrets to living a Spirit-filled life.



This track gives you the leadership skills you need to launch out into effective service: ministry development, small groups, Bible work, public evangelism, church training, and more. Our ultimate vision is to raise up leaders who can spark a multiplying movement anywhere...

Track III. Leadership

Listed below are the sevent modules in our leadership track:

Step 1: Our Greatest Need
We begin this track with a look at our most urgent need.

Step 2: Revival Agent
Let's break down step by step exactly how to launch into service.

Step 3: Ministry Development
Work through the steps of building an unleashed ministry.

Step 4: Small Groups
Acquire the skills to launch a successful care group.

Step 5: Bible Work
Learn how to answer Bible questions through personal Bible studies.

Step 6: Prophetic Preaching
Equip yourself to know and share an apocalyptic endtime message.

Step 7: Church Training
Ready to transform your church into a training center?

Let's close this track with a fresh look at God's plan to finish the work.