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Each week we post reviews of important articles on the web, as well as our own original content. Below you can read some recent posts.

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How to Make Things Right
March 26, 2017
Throughout this month we've talked about a number of tips to strengthen your family. But the reality is, we will make mistakes. Here's how to make things right.
Family Worship
March 19, 2017
One of the most important keys to keeping our families close to God is Family Worship. Today's post includes a great video on the subject. Take a few moments to watch it!
The Gift of Blessing
March 13, 2017
Parents can inspired their children to become who God created them to be--through the power of blessing. Learning this vital skill is important.
The Power of Prayer in Marriage
March 05, 2017
It's commonly stated that Christian marriages fail at virtually the same rate as marriages in the world, but the truth quite different. Get the shocking facts here.
Massive Engine Update
February 28, 2017
Just in time for this years Breakout Memory Challenge, we released a huge update to the Dashboard involved both our Engine and our Online Bible. Check out all the details here.

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