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Each week we post reviews of important articles on the web, as well as our own original content. Below you can read some recent posts.

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Spiritual Orienteering
January 15, 2018
Life is not just a series of right and wrong choices. Sometimes it requires spiritual orienteering. Today's article shows you exactly how it all works...
Roadmap 2018
January 14, 2018
After 10 days praying and planning in ROCKET 2018, I'm eager to share our 2018 Roadmap. And I'm even more eager to get started!
The Three Types of Choices
January 08, 2018
This week's memo explains the three types of choices we face, and how to deal with each of them. Learn how to make better decisions and experience more fully God's perfect will for your life.
Resolutions & Promises
January 01, 2018
Want to know the secret to fulfilling your New Year's resolutions? Today's reading can make the difference between success and failure.
Going to Bethlehem
December 25, 2017
Today's Monday Memo highlights one of the most curious incidents related to the birth of Jesus. Take a moment to glean a new lesson from the Christmas Story.

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