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Want to put a handy shortcut on your phone that goes straight to FAST? Perhaps you would like several shortcuts on your phone, each to different sections of our site? It's super easy. Here's how...

A phone showing several shortcuts

We frequently get asked whether or not FAST has an app for apple or android phones. And the answer is no, we've made a careful decision to not do that.

Why? Because there's a super easy way to add an icon to your phone's home screen that will give you complete access to our entire site. We've worked hard to make our mobile site as simple and useful as our desktop version. And we want you to have the latest of everything we offer.

So rather than going through your app store, give this approach a try instead:

Apple Phones:

1. Open the Safari browser on your phone and load our site ( Go to whatever page you want to make instantly available. We recommend the home page.

2. Look for an icon at the bottom of the screen, that looks like an arrow pointing away from a box, and click it.

3. Several icons for sharing will pop up. Scroll up on that screen for more options and look for an "Add to Home Screen" option. Click that.

4. Your phone may suggest a name for the icon like "Home" or "Tools." Feel free to overwrite this with "FAST" or "FAST TOOLS" or whatever.

Here's a video showing how to do this on an ipad.

Here's a special note for Apple users, if your phone keeps logging you out each time you visit our site. For some reason Apple disables cookies for some site by default. Here's a quick google search showing you how to enable cookies. Once that's done, you should go straight in each time, no problem.

Android Phones

1. Launch the Chrome browser on your phone and load our site ( Go to whatever page you want to make instantly available. We recommend the home page.

2. Look for an icon in the top right corner that looks like three dots, and click it.

3. Several options pop up, including one called "Add to Home Screen". Choose that.

4. Your phone may suggest a name for the icon like "Home" or "Tools." Feel free to overwrite this with "FAST" or "FAST TOOLS" or whatever.

Here's a video showing how to do this on android.

Once your icon is created, you can move it around and use it just like any other icon. Just use the normal method for doing that based on your operating system. And be sure to put the FAST icon somewhere you can access easily!

Once you have got the hang of it you can create additional icons to different sections of our site: the memory engine, or your verse pack, the study area, your training center, or whatever. Add as many or as few icons as you want!

That's all there is to it...


So what do you think? Is this a good alternative to an app? What sections or pages have you created a shortcut for? Did you have any trouble doing that? How important is it to have access to our whole site on your phone?

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Posted by Dan Vis on 04/13/23 - Coach
Great glad this worked for you Jane. Note you can put any specific page you want on your phone this way. Even multiple pages. I have a couple on my phone. You can edit the name of the icon so you know where each one goes.
Posted by Jane on 04/12/23
I learned something new - thanks! Love it. Easier to do than I thought. And now the website is literally at my fingertips.
Posted by Dan Vis on 04/04/23 - Coach
It's pretty easy once you get the hang of it Carla. Note you can create multiple links, including direct links to various tools. Very cool.
Posted by Carla Phillips on 03/31/23
I'm going to try it
Posted by Dan Vis on 10/03/22 - Coach
Barbara, try googling "how to add a web icon to your iphone" based on your version. On mine, I open safari, scroll down a bit then back up to open the menu at the bottom and click the middle button. Looks like a box with an up arrow. Tap that then scroll up on that menu until you see Add to Home Screen. Tap that and you are home free! :)
Posted by Barbara Salinas on 10/03/22
I cannot get it on my iPhone . Please help me. Thank you
Posted by Dan Vis on 09/11/22 - Coach
It's pretty easy to move icons around Diane. I'm sure your son can help you out!

You do have to put some on the second page, if the first page is full. You'll just need to figure out which ones you want to prioritize! Or, if you want, you can create a separate page for FAST and put links to multiple sections of our site on it. Or create a folder and put all your FAST links there. Lot's of options.

Technology can be challenging sometimes! It can be a struggle to play catch up... :)
Posted by Diane Babcock on 09/10/22
I like the idea but I have to make more room on my phone! I'm not real computer literate! I have room on my side card! I'll have to get my son to help me! I'm an old lady! 😊🙏
Posted by Dan Vis on 07/31/22 - Coach
This is not a cookie Mayme, it just creates a shortcut to our site you can click to get here in one tap. But I should note, if you block cookies here on FAST you will have to login every time you come. Cookies can be abused I'm sure, but here they are only used to make things easier for you.
Posted by Mayme K on 07/30/22
I block all cookies on my phone
Posted by Dan Vis on 07/14/22 - Coach
Yes Francina, it's a bit of a trade off--between being able to access everything, anywhere on any device, and having a small dedicated app that worked offline on just one device. We decided to go with the more accessibility.
Posted by Francina Botha on 07/14/22
The only downfall is that you cannot access the website if you do not have internet which is the case for me when I am sailing. Would have been nice to continue reviewing my versus whilst outside of cellphone cover
Posted by Dan Vis on 05/18/22 - Coach
That's awesome Rebecca. Remember you can create more than one link to different sections of our site as desired. :)
Posted by Rebecca on 05/18/22
Easy to do!! I like it!
Posted by Dan Vis on 05/05/22 - Coach
Sorry, not clear what you meant by that Joseph. You do have to have an internet connection to access our site. If you hare having trouble with creating a shortcut, there are probably lots of youtube videos that give instructions for your specific device. The videos above may not be 100% current. For instance, on iphone, the icon is now on the bottom of the screen rather than the top I think...
Posted by Joseph on 05/05/22
not connected
Posted by Dan Vis on 04/11/22 - Coach
Thanks Felita! Glad this worked out for you. :)
Posted by Felita on 04/11/22
Great alternative.
Posted by Dan Vis on 11/23/21 - Coach
Please explain what problem you had Joshua Lee Necessary, and what kind of device you are using. On my iphone it was super simple. Click the box with the up arrow down at the bottom of the browser and then scroll things up a bit to view all the options. From there it's just one click to Add to Home Screen. :)
Posted by Joshua Lee Necessary on 11/23/21
Lord's willing it is. Not able to. Yes. I would say very important.
Posted by Dan Vis on 11/22/21 - Coach
It's usually just a click or two, and there's probably more than one way to do it. If you have updated instructions be sure to let me know. We can update things. It's possible the ipad is different from the iphone. Or it may depend what browser you are using.

But glad you got it working! Definitely a time saver. :)
Posted by Diane Richards on 11/22/21
I got my IT son to help me. It’s a totally different process than what is on that older video. And it’s easy to do.
Posted by Dan Vis on 11/21/21 - Coach
I'm sure it has an icon on your safari browser Diane. I know it works on my iphone. If the video above wasn't clear enough, try googling a more recent one. Try something like "how to add a web shortcut to my homescreen" or something like that.

Learning how to establish shortcuts like this means you can get to any section of our site you wish (or use a lot) in just one tap. Pretty cool! :)
Posted by Diane Richards on 11/20/21
I have an iPad, and I can’t put add icon.
Posted by Dan Vis on 11/08/21 - Coach
Great job Michelle! You can make these little shortcuts for any page on our site--or any other site for that matter. Super convenient!
Posted by Michelle Wimbush on 11/06/21
Awesome!I was able to add this to my phone , thank you for the instructions.
Posted by Dan Vis on 07/12/21 - Coach
You are very welcome Margaret. Definitely makes things easier, doesn't it? I just switched to an iphone myself so I could help debug things. Hopefully I'll be able to provide a little better support for IOS users in the future as a result.
Posted by Margaret Major on 07/11/21
This is great! Thank you so much. That icon is now on my iPhone so I can access it anywhere, anytime when I have spare time. Most useful. Wishing you much of God's blessing.

Posted by Dan Vis on 04/26/21 - Coach
Great job Wayne! Note--when I finalize this featured (probably an engine setting and a timer=true/false or timer=on/off) you may need to reset your shortcut. So don't forget how you did it!
Posted by Wayne Senner on 04/26/21
I finally got it to work thanks.
Posted by Dan Vis on 04/25/21 - Coach
Not sure what is going on exactly Wayne, but you do have to have the right url (with the timer code added) before making the shortcut.

I'm planning to make this a configurable option right in the engine settings--and may change the string to &timer=true/false so a user can override their default settings. So it may not even be necessary once we get that change in place. Still just waiting a bit for feedback from the community...
Posted by Wayne Senner on 04/24/21
While I can make a shortcut to the daily review it never includes the timer.
Posted by Dan Vis on 03/10/21 - Coach
No problem Julie. Glad it worked for you! It's much easier than having to find and download a bunch of apps, isn't it? :)
Posted by Julie Smith on 03/09/21
Wow! That's AWESOME! Thank you for your explicit instructions!
Posted by Dan Vis on 03/08/21 - Coach
Glad you were able to figure it out Debbie. Works great for any of the tools on our site. And like you said, you can use it on other sites too! :)
Posted by Debbie on 03/08/21
Super easy to do because of exact instructions (at least for Android)! Great to know this for other things too - thanks!
Posted by Dan Vis on 02/03/21 - Coach
Great job Denise! Glad you were able to get it figured out. :) Remember you can create shortcuts to any pages you like.
Posted by Denise Brown on 02/02/21
Thank you, Dan. I googled it and have done it successfully.
Posted by Dan Vis on 01/31/21 - Coach
Denise, it might be at the top of the page, I'm not sure. You can google "how to add a shortcut to an iphone 6" or something and it will probably show you exactly how to do it.
Posted by Denise Brown on 01/31/21
I have an Apple 6 iPhone and I cannot see an icon at the bottom.   
Posted by Dan Vis on 01/27/21 - Coach
Foo, I'd recommend creating a shortcut to the Verse Pack in our tools area (rather than the home page) and start putting verses there you want to memorize. Our Crash Course gives you a few tips on how to memorize--but you are free to choose any verses you like. We do have several resources like our Bible Boosts and Memory Club which can suggest verses to memorize, and some of our classes (like the Survival Kit) have assigned verses--but mostly we encourage people to memorize verses that truly speak to them individually.
Posted by Janie Foo on 01/27/21
I have just created the home icon. But I still don't know from which part of yr programme or where I can actually start learning the verses.
Posted by Dan Vis on 11/23/20 - Coach
Great, glad it worked for you Becky. Remember you can put multiple links on your phone, including links to any tool or page you frequent.

As for your verse pack, I think 8-10 verses is about max. Any more than that and your pre-memorizing starts to become more timely and less efficient. I don't know there's a hard rule however. Good question!
Posted by Becky Friberg on 11/22/20
Dan Question for many verses do you recommend to have in the verse pack?
Posted by Becky Friberg on 11/22/20
Finally did this!!! Super easy.    
Posted by Dan Vis on 11/04/20 - Coach
Reach out if you have trouble Stella. Or watch the video above depending on your phone type. It's way easier to do than to explain! :)
Posted by Stella on 11/03/20
A little complicated for me, but I’ll ask my daughter Kelly to give me a hand since she is in this program for a long time.
Posted by Dan Vis on 11/02/20 - Coach
Great job Mary Alice! Once you get the hang of it, it's not too hard. :)
Posted by Mary Alice Holz on 11/01/20
Well, I'm not sure how, and it took about 5 tries, but suddenly the icon is there!! k LOL (I'm sure it's me. I'm not very techy.) Thanks, Dan.
Posted by Dan Vis on 10/29/20 - Coach
Great job Joan. Remember you can create multiple links to different pages if there are sections you like to use a lot. :)

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