Unstoppable Momentum
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January 09, 2017

Note: This week's topic is a repost of an article from a few months back about how to build unstoppable momentum in life. It fits right in with the content of our ongoing Life Focus challenge, so I decided to post it again this week. Enjoy!

Some time back, a participant in one of our challenges posted an interesting "word algebra" equation. Turns out it was from Dave Ramsey, a well-known Christian author who has helped thousands escape from debt. Anyway, here's the formula as displayed on his site:


Here's the basic gist of his post: "Winning at anything starts with momentum. But momentum doesn’t just happen ... We've got to create momentum." The formula above, explains how to do that!

Focus: Life is full of distraction. To succeed you have to have a clear goal or direction. We talked about this some last week in our blog post entitled Asking the Right Question.

Intensity: A clear goal needs to be combined with passion and desire. That's what keeps us moving forward--with action! In our Life Focus challenge, we talk a lot about goal setting, and making sure those goals are converted into action. Intensity insists on it.

Time: Everyone knows the story about the Tortoise and the Hare, and how persistence wins out over time. That's true in many areas of life. Change doesn't take place over night. You have to stick with it, and give things time.

God: This is obviously the most important piece in the equation--divine power. And it's certainly our main focus at FAST. Commit your efforts to God, and He provides the power to multiply your success!

Unstoppable Momentum: This is what it all leads to. A life of meaning, purpose, and impact. That's what every believer wants, isn't it? To make a difference for the kingdom of God?

Appreciated seeing this formula shared in a class, and for the ministry of Dave Ramsey in calling our attention to such a "catchy" strategy for success.

If our Life Focus challenge encourages you to set some goals, or do more planning, make sure you combine that pursuit of focus with the other elements mentioned above to help ensure your life is filled with unstoppable momentum!!!

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