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For the last couple weeks we've been gathering feedback from our community about their current time management practices, in an effort to make sure our Life Focus challenge is meeting the exact needs of our members. And we've been getting some great responses.

With more than 200 respondents, we've been able to learn some significant facts. Here's a few of the key thoughts:

Q. In your opinion, how important is good time management to living effectively as a disciple?

A. More than 88% gave this the highest score possible. And another 10% gave it the second highest score. Clearly, the vast majority of our members feel time management is important.

Q. Do you include time management activities like life planning and goal setting in your morning devotions?

A. While 67% of our respondents reported having consistent devotions (praise God), less than 13% reported including any kind of time management activities in their devotions. For many, it seems, there is a disconnect between time management and spirituality.

Q. Which of the following do you practice on a consistent basis?

A. 62% reported using a daily do list, 30% reported using a weekly planner, less than 9% reported setting aside time for monthly strategic planning, and 23% reported setting and reviewing annual goals. This suggests our members tend to invest more energy in low level time management skill that involve getting things done, and less energy on high level time management skills that involve analyzing life direction.

Q. How would you rate your own personal time management skills?

A. Scores here were pretty low. More than 50% claimed their skills were poor, and another 40% assessed their skills as only average. Not even 2% gave themselves an "excellent" level of time management. It's pretty obvious there is a strong sense that there is room to grow in this important discipline.

Q. Do you use any software programs for personal time management? And if you do use software, which program(s) do you use?

A. Right at 85% said no. Whether this is because our members have never taken the time to learn about these tools, or don't feel software would be helpful is unclear. The few that did use software primarily mentioned calendars and mail programs. Of the remaining apps, none were mentioned more than once or twice, so there was definitely no clear favorite.

We ended our survey with two open ended questions about what they most wanted to learn in this challenge, and what they saw as their greatest obstacle to time management. These were filled with great answers we're still analyzing.

The first question had answers covering a wide range of topics--suggesting there would be interest in a longer time management course that covers additional content. In the second, the obstacles were clustered more tightly around a couple key themes: procrastination, prioritization, and motivation. Those are areas we would definitely want to zoom in on were we to develop such a course.

Thanks to everyone who took this survey. Your feedback has given us lots of information to take back to the drawing board. We'll use this information, along with info gleaned from the challenge itself, to improve this challenge for the next time we offer it.

If you have not yet taken our Life Focus System challenge, we encourage you to get started now. It takes just six days to complete, and it's completely FREE. We'll be promoting this challenge through the month of May. Click here to signup:



What about you? Anything strike you as interesting in the results of this survey? How do you compare with the rest of our community? And if you have completed the Life Focus challenge, did you find it helpful? Share a comment or two below.

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Posted by Bartholomew John on 05/26/17
its was a great course very informative which makes a lot of sense my challenge is making the time to implement them i pray that by the grace of God i will be able to make a positive effort to start.
Posted by yvette mcmurray on 05/25/17
The Focus course was very insightful for me, especially when it talked of including time management as part of my devotional. I am one that did not connect time management with spiritually. Praise God for knowledge for a closer Walk with him. It makes sense,all I have is God's. Why was I so afraid to talk to Him about time while spending time with Him! I need Him in every aspect of my life and was blind to fact I had not given this area of time management to Him. Praise God for the wake up and help me Jesus to implement it.
Posted by Angie Leimena on 05/21/17
Thank you Dan. Be glad to join. Mean time will repeat myself and apply. Thank you again for encouragement
Posted by Dan Vis on 05/18/17 - Coach
Thank you Angie! It definitely is an important subject. And yes, we do plan to offer this again!!!

In fact, we've been talking about doing a more advanced, longer course. Not sure when we could do that, but it would be useful to many I'm sure. Keep your courage strong!
Posted by Angie Leimena on 05/17/17
Dear Dan. I am not sure what Is wrong with My Phone lately emails disappeared. I did not get the survey request. Based on results I wish to testify that I have problems of prioritization, and motivation, lack the zeal to organise myself, like I used to be. May be too much on my plate. And rather discouraged with things that is going around me. But I am moving forward despite where I am now. I can not move on without connecting myself tightly with GOD. THE COURSE OF TIME MANAGEMENTS is so crucial for a person like me. Am grateful if you are going to teach again and again. GOD will bless you with what you are doing to help others and me. Amin.
Posted by Dan Vis on 05/15/17 - Coach
There's actually a time management tool right in our FAST Dashboard. It's in need of a few updates but it can help. There are plenty of other ones on the web. I've been using todoist for awhile and find it quite helpful. It's good for some of the low level time management tasks we talk about in the Life Focus Challenge. I'm actually hoping to revamp our time management tool as an integration with todoist and just supplement it with some of the higher level functions. But that's definitely a project for another day... Thanks Marion for the question!
Posted by Marion Coppock on 05/15/17
Could you share some apps that have the time management available on the computer I don't know of any
Posted by Amelia R. Narain on 05/15/17
I'm very similar to the group. I stay up late at night and get up late. Am easily distracted and procrastinate. Have lots of things in my head but struggle with follow through if not written down.

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