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The Only Constant
By Dan Vis
September 22, 2016

They say the only constant is change. And that certainly seems true at FAST. We have been through more than our fair share of site updates over the years--in a continuing effort to make our site more useful to members. But this time it's different.

For quite a while my thinking went something like this: the more features we add, the more people will love coming to our site. Something for everyone, you know? But in reality it just made things more difficult to navigate. And the code more complicated to maintain. And for many--the crazy range of features and the continual revisions were simply overwhelming. One day it occurred to me I was going about it all wrong.

Why not boil down the most important parts of our site and distill them out. Identify the most useful and valuable tools and make them prominent, front and center--and strip out everything else. Develop a simple, straightforward plan, and streamline every process on the site to accomplish its exact objective and no more. It was a paradigm shift.

I ended up cutting out well over two-thirds of our site. The idea was to trim everything down to the absolute barest essentials.

And then find ways to make the core features we kept even better. We now focus on bringing the best discipleship information, right to your inbox. We chose to focus on two signature courses (we had 28!) and found creative ways to make them easier and more engaging. We kept the dashboard everyone loves. And we made it a snap to get to our study guides, in all the languages we have.

And we are thrilled with how it turned out!

Yes, our site has changed, again. But more important, so has our paradigm. Instead of throwing everything in but the kitchen sink--we're cutting everything out, except a few core things we want to do exceptionally well.

The only thing that hasn't changed, really, is our desire to make FAST the best it can be for you!


Posted by Dan Vis on 10/12/16 

We have been working hard the last week to iron out all the kinks and tweak our new site as needed, and we're very happy with how things have turned out.

One change we reversed, however, was our decision to use Facebook for our blog comments. We've gone back to our old in-house commenting system. Decided it was probably easier for our members to just manage that ourself.

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