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This week, I'm sharing one more memo in our series on the core principles driving our ministry at FAST--and it's something we've baked into all our training: Spiritual Multiplication. This is one of my favorites articles in our entire library, because when we finally get this right, the work will come to a close at last!

For nearly 40 years, virtually my entire adult life, I've pursued a single vision with single-minded focus: to jumpstart a process that leads to spiritual multiplication. Looking back, I'm sometimes surprised at how little I've wavered from that vision. It's still the driving force behind everything I do.

And I remember how it all started.

I was a brand new Christian, in my early twenties. And as I've mentioned elsewhere, some friends had taken me under their wing and were investing time in my training. At one point I was assigned to memorize an illustration similar to the FAST Track illustration in our Explosion Formula booklet.

As I memorized the various parts of the presentation, something clicked in my brain, and I realized clearly it had to be God's plan. Conviction came with overwhelming force that this was the only conceivable way to reach a world. And at that instant, the whole direction of my life changed forever.


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Addition vs Multiplication

I was good with numbers, and I knew the difference between an arithmetic series and an exponential sequence. The first plods along at a steady, consistent pace. The other starts slow, but accelerates, and quickly becomes explosive.

The difference between winning 100 members to Christ each year (Plan A) and winning just 1 person a year, but also training him to reproduce (Plan B) is pretty shocking. You can see the preliminary results of these two plans in the table below:

      Year    Plan A       Plan B

The results seem comparable for the first 10 years. But Plan A merely produces 1000 converts. Spiritual babes, unlikely to ever reproduce. And Plan B produces 1000+ reproducing workers, all hand trained, one at a time. But the results diverge more dramatically over the next 10 years:

      Year    Plan A       Plan B

During these next ten years, Plan A merely produces another 1000 converts. But Plan B explodes, because those first 1000 workers have now all multiplied and become another 1000 each! All still one person at a time. It reminds me of the promise in Isaiah:

Isaiah 60:22
A little one shall become a thousand, and a small one a strong nation: I the LORD will hasten it in his time.

I believe multiplication is God's plan for every believer. The "each one reach one principle" is imminently doable. And God's promises are certainly ours for the taking!

I'll spare you the numbers were this to continue another 10 years, but here's the nutshell version: Plan A continues to produce consistent results, netting another 1000 baptisms or so. But Plan B is now producing 1000's of baptisms every day. New members, all equipped in time to reach out and win still more.

By the end of this third decade, Plan A is sitting at around 3000 believers. But Plan B is within spitting distance of reaching the entire world, with over a billion skilled, trained workers. It's the fulfillment of God's promise in Jeremiah:

Jeremiah 33:22
As the host of heaven cannot be numbered, neither the sand of the sea measured: so will I multiply the seed of David my servant, and the Levites that minister unto me.

Given the extraordinary contrast in the results, how could any one, serious about finishing the work, conscientiously give their life to anything but spiritual multiplication?

The Game of Chess

In those early days, a couple illustrations drove the point home to my thinking. One was an old legend about the inventor of Chess. Story has it, the Emporer of India was so impressed with the game, he asked the inventor to name a reward. The man asked for just one grain of rice for the first square. Two for the second. Four for the third. And double that amount for each of the remaining squares.

To the Emporer, and most of us who aren't mathematically inclined, it seemed a small reward. And he quickly agreed. But when calculated, the final total was well over a trillion tons of grain. That's somewhere in the ball park of the entire world's global rice production for the next 500 years.

If we are serious about reaching the world, we need to cultivate the kind of strategic thinking manifest by the inventor of Chess. Multiplication is by far the most potent way to finish the work of the Gospel.

Nuclear Rods

The massive explosion of a nuclear bomb is actually another illustration of multiplication. A single neutrino injected into fissile material causes an atom to split, ejecting two neutrinos and releasing a small amount of energy. Those two neutrinos split two more atoms, firing off four neutrinos, and releasing double the energy. With each iteration, the number of neutrinos doubles and the chain reaction accelerates--resulting in an explosion of unfathomable power. It's pure multiplication.

But multiplication can be hindered. Nuclear plants (like the one in Fukushima) attempt to control the rate of reaction by inserting lead rods into the fuel source. These rods absorb a portion of those flying neutrinos, slowing the process, and reducing the power output to a more manageable level. Done properly, it prevents an explosion.

Unfortunately for us, the enemy has succeeded in inserting lead rods into the disciple-making process of most churches. Whether it is due to poor internalization of the word, lack of prayer, sin in the life, ineffective ministry training, or any number of other causes, explosive multiplication is being blocked.

And it's a cause for concern. When we think in terms of multiplication, every broken link in the reaction process has severe consequences. One new member who leaves the church, is not just a single person lost, but the potential loss of the 1000 believers he might have become ten years down the road, had he been properly nurtured and trained. A person who survives church membership, but never learns to reproduce, is not much better. In the grand scheme of things, a loss of 999 potential members is only marginally better than the loss of 1000 potential members.

But there's also great potential here. If we can simply figure out how to remove all these "lead rods", it would take nothing more than a single "neutrino" to start the world's final, spiritual chain reaction! Exciting thought, isn't it?

Setting Priorities

The takeaway from all this should be obvious. If our goal is to equip every believer to become a reproducing worker, we ourselves must learn to reproduce. The multiplication process only works so far as there are no broken links in the chain, no break in any of the generations. And each failure to reproduce is not the loss of just one individual, but the thousands who could have been discipled through his influence and the influence of those he trained.

Clearly, none of us can escape the priority of becoming a worker for Christ!

And the training materials at FAST can help. We've spent decades developing, resources to help create optimum spiritual growth. They are proven effective in the lives of thousands, and will give you the skills you need to take in, live out, and pass on the Word of God. Specifically, you will learn:

Bible Memorization
Practical Discipleship
Evangelism Leadership

Give multiplication the personal priority it deserves. Give your life to becoming a reproducing worker in the cause of Christ. For there's no other way to finish the work!


How important is it focus on multiplication rather than addition? What do you see as the biggest hindrances to reproduction? What do you see as essential to jumpstarting a chain reaction that leads to global evangelism?

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Posted by Laurie Wissink on 04/30/24 - Coach
Amen Qing! We need to realize that discipleship must be a sustained effort -- the rest of our lives.
Posted by Colette Guthrie on 04/28/24 - Coach
Thank you Qing. Especially for the speedily part. :)
Posted by Qing Ling on 04/28/24 - Coach
Colette praying with you that your integration with your new local church goes smoothly and speedily. They are lucky to have you.

I'm suited to small group training rather than being a public speaker to crowds.

The biggest hindrance to reproduction is the battle of our recent generations - sticking anything out. We are the "MTV" or "microwave" generation, known for wanting things fast. And lately, the ADHD phenomena has been spreading like wildfire. When long term commitment is something that our masses battle to apply, this model of sustained effort over, well, the rest of our lives, really, becomes something we have to recognise is not going to come easy. All the more reason to accept early on that without Jesus, we cannot do this. John 15:5I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.. And then to learn as soon as possible, the art of moment by moment dependence on Him.
Posted by Laurie Wissink on 04/23/24 - Coach
Posted by Tracy Conway on 04/22/24
Thank you Laurie.
Posted by Colette Guthrie on 04/22/24 - Coach
Thanks for the prayer support and encouragement Rebecca and Laurie.
Posted by Laurie Wissink on 04/22/24 - Coach
Colette, praying you can be that spark. "It only takes a spark, to get a fire going. And soon all those around will warm up to it's glowing..."

Praise God for taking away the fear Diane. When we focus on Him and what He can do, instead of what we think we should be doing, is a game changer! (II Timothy 1:7For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.)

I agree with all those things you mentioned Tracy, especially not doing it alone. We need a team who is like minded and focused, using the talents of all, instead going it alone. Nice post!
Posted by Rebecca Gottfried on 04/22/24 - Coach
Colette I have a prayer request for FAST and I will add your new church to it.

Diane I remember similar advice given to a discouraged missionary going into Asia, “just focus on connecting with God” for the first 6 months or so. Don’t even try to do ministry.

Tracy It’s been a pleasure seeing you in the prayer chapel. Multiplication is definitely the more exciting way to evangelize :)
Posted by Tracy Conway on 04/22/24
Very important, focusing on multiplication is more encouraging. Some of the biggest hinderances are not having the funds to do with. Another is, not wanting to witness alone, wanting a partner or friend to go with, but not having anyone. Not having the tech skills to do witness online. Not being able to get around on your own. Living in an unsafe area, so not feeling safe to witness on your own. Not knowing what to say. Being shy.   Courage, a willing heart-experience helps but is not essential
Posted by Diane Castanon on 04/22/24 - Coach
I clearly remember this plan, but I also remember the fear I had about moving forward, but no more! For me, it took hearing what happens in the mission field in unreached areas of Asia by only asking the missionaries to do nothing but “Connect” with God, and ask Him what He would have them do. And that particular area became the largest and fastest area of growth in that particular area of growth. They asked God to “invade” that unreached area for Him, and God did the multiplication, though those who connected with Him were used by Him. This is the same concept FAST Missions promotes, just stated so my mind could grasp it better.
Connect…prayer…memorize scriptures…claim God’s word back to Him…make disciples and leaders for Jesus.
Posted by Colette Guthrie on 04/22/24 - Coach
I think ineffective ministry training is the biggest hindrance to multiplication. Like multiplication, a chain reaction needs just one spark to get going, one person who catches the vision and passes it on.

I am at a new church and I remember hearing there are discipleship leaders. I will seek out the names of those persons, pray and get in touch with them to see if I can spark an interest in this explosive model.
Posted by Dan Vis on 03/28/24 - Coach
Yes, God is definitely working Rebecca! And I believe we are getting close to that place. In fact, it may already be starting. Can't wait to see what happens!
Posted by Laurie Wissink on 11/24/23 - Coach
That's a nice point Rebecca, about how multiplication can be encouraging to the church. And perhaps if anyone in the church has been on the fence about the value of discipleship, the multiplication principle may be a factor that convinces them of its value.
Posted by Rebecca Gottfried on 11/24/23 - Coach
Becca I agree. If we would seek God like Joshua did before he attacked Jericho I know God will help us start the multiplication reproduction in our lives and help us be the most effective at discipling others.

One thing that is very good about how multiplication outpaces addition is that when it starts picking up speed that can be very encouraging to the church. Delays can hinder the work and dampen the enthusiasm quickly.
Posted by Dan Vis on 11/08/23 - Coach
Amen Andrijana! Love to read comments like that, where there is a commitment to replicate. The more people there are who embrace this approach, the more rapidly this model will spread.

Yes, absolutely Becca. Focus on our own spiritual growth and training. Pray all the way through. And pursue His example. That was a perfect comment!
Posted by Becca Mayorga on 11/04/23 - Coach
First, become a worker for Christ. And pray earnestly all the way through for God’s will to be wrought out. And follow His example with consistency and decisiveness.
What hinders are things that are derived from selfishness and sin.
Repentance and turning away is essential.
Posted by Andrijana on 11/03/23
Wow, that was so great, I am totally fascinated!!! And I definitely want to become a reproducing worker and help others to do the same!!!!
Posted by Dan Vis on 03/03/23 - Coach
Even a little humor sometimes comes into focus with the right glasses! :)
Posted by Kathy Rosenberger on 03/03/23 - Coach
I must admit that was an unintentional joke, but when you pointed it out, it made me chuckle too. We do need glasses to see clearly.
Posted by Dan Vis on 03/02/23 - Coach
Nice line Kathy: "Good people who have never been discipled and do not see their lack." Kind of reminds me of the language in the message to the Laodiceans, who knew not their condition.

And also your point about many being potentially good workers, if only their vision could be expanded to see the opportunities. That was actually really insightful. You'll notice the little image at the top of the FAST Track illustration under the worker column is a pair of glasses.

And I don't know if you meant it as a joke, but when I read the part about not having to reinvent the wheel, I had to chuckle a bit. Get it? The Disciples' Wheel? :)
Posted by Kathy Rosenberger on 03/02/23 - Coach
I see a church full of good people who want to follow God, but have never been discipled themselves and do not see their lack. Many are still drinking milk and not understanding that you need to eat solid food and exercise in order to be strengthened and become productive. There are potential workers here but they do not yet believe that 'the fields are white for the harvest' and that they must prepare in order to be labourers. Helping them to see the potential, praying for and with them, so that they are willing to step out of their comfort zones to once again apply themselves to education in God's plan is a very real challenge, but 'we can do all things through Christ which strengthens us.'
Because this training is systematic, easy to follow and allows each one to not have to reinvent the wheel, I believe that it can be the difference between our present state and the exponential growth that God desires. In answer to your question, revival agents who are willing to go all out to inspire their churches to become training centers. And not be discouraged by the initial knock backs, suspicion, and lack of enthusiasm, praying that God open the way. It only takes a spark.
Posted by Dan Vis on 03/01/23 - Coach
I appreciate both your posts Barbara and Sarita. If we would pray and fast, like you said Barbara, to help us be willing to take up our crosses daily, like you said Sarita, then we would indeed see more commitment to ministry.

I think the multiplication paradigm is a huge issue though. Just being committed to doing something is not enough, if we don't have the right concept of how God wants us to work. And for me at least, gaining clarity on God's plan is what caused me to go all in on ministry--almost 40 years ago now. And it still keeps me ticking.

Though admittedly, I could use more of the two things you ladies mentioned as well. :)
Posted by Sarita Mayhawk on 03/01/23
Dan, I think the church has lost the principle of everyone taking our crosses up daily to be a true disciple of CHRIST. We are not willing to do what it takes to reach souls. We have to be willing to ask JEHOVAH to give us HIS love for souls.
Posted by Barbara E. LaRose on 02/28/23
Prayer and fasting like the disciples did at Pentecost then we will see the working of the Holy Spirit in our lives so that we will have power to do the work that is before us. And then we will see the multiplication go to all the world. What’s hindering us may be that we still are connected to this world and therefore God is waiting on us. Lord, help me to see the privilege of sharing your gospel to the world and help me to follow in your footsteps and the footsteps of the disciples in reaching the world with your amazing gospel of truth that sets men free from the bondage of sin.
Posted by Dan Vis on 01/09/23 - Coach
It is exciting, and it could happen Julio. And with our existing membership base and modern technology, this training process could be multiplied very rapidly. I'm not sure what it will take to kickstart the process, but I think we're on the brink where that chain reaction could start very soon.

For the first time really, I'm hearing multiple people tell me about 2nd and 3rd generation leaders here at FAST, which indicates to me God is definitely moving. I think this Revival School class may well be a watershed moment towards this vision. That's certainly my prayer..
Posted by Julio Useche on 01/09/23
What an inspiring and motivating thought, that through this process the entire world would be reached, and as Jesus said ''And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come" (Matthew 24:14And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.). And this is not counting the 20 million+ members we already have that can be trained to finish this work! If every member would take up his cross and follow the Master (Luke 9:23And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.) we would finish the work in not time!
Posted by Dan Vis on 12/27/22 - Coach
These are all really good observations and nice points Doug. I especially like the first paragraph, that because this approach feels accessible it is motivating. The importance of personal commitment is also super important. Great post!
Posted by Doug Schoch on 12/24/22 - Coach
Reaching one is reachable. It is still a challenging goal but realistic.

Addition keeps us from catching up or making progress. Multiplication really picks up speed the longer it is in force.

Lack of commitment is the greatest hinderence. Personal commitment on my part is what will make the chain reaction start.
Posted by Dan Vis on 12/21/22 - Coach
Great connection between the lead rods and tares in the field. I guess that suggests something about making sure those who join the church are truly converted as far as possible. We can't read the heart of course, but if we associate membership with strong discipleship it will attract the right ones and repels others. Just thinking out loud...

Also, love your reference to Business Unusual. I need to try and get Johnny to teach that as a class here at FAST! :)
Posted by Colette Guthrie on 12/21/22 - Coach
The illustrations used here are very vivid. The nuclear rods one is new to me but I can see how lead rods mess things up. Reminds me of the enemy in Matthew 13. Matthew 13:25But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way..

One of the biggest hindrances to reproduction is the mindset of our leaders. If the leaders grasp the potential impact they can have with multiplication, then business as usual can become Business Unusual.
Posted by Dan Vis on 12/19/22 - Coach
I like your emphasis on the importance of excellence and consistency. There has to be thorough transmission if the multiplication process is to be sustained. And that requires training over time. Great post Deanne!
Posted by Deanne Reinke on 12/16/22
sorry- I was interrupted in my last post and lost my train of thought. more later!
Posted by Deanne Reinke on 12/16/22
I definitely see that multiplication is superior to addition! multiplication requires consistency of excellence. this requires a marathon runner and not a speed runner--what I mean is that it takes a steady consistent pace over a longer period instead of a very fast pace over a shorter time. this could be a hindrance.   
Posted by Dan Vis on 12/14/22 - Coach
I'm sure we can be an obstacle to multiplication sometimes, Lana, but we're also the only key to making that happen. It's only possible when each person realizes God's call on their life and embraces that mission to make-disciples! God promises to do it--we can count on it!
Posted by Lana Rose on 12/14/22
Pretty amazing! Multiplication.
My biggest hindrance is myself! Praying that I will be able to continually see the beauty of the Lord and be on fire to share!
So thankful for all these lessons on how to stay focused on Him.
They are so encouraging as I spend time each day studying and sharing with others.
Posted by Dan Vis on 12/09/22 - Coach
The problem with most of those kinds of campaigns is they are not really thinking about multiplication. It may sound like it, but they are actually thinking about addition. That is, each one adds another member, not each one multiply and equip another worker.

Anytime our focus is addition and not multiplication, it's likely to fizzle out in time. What's needed is more thorough training for every worker. Thanks for sharing that story Carlota. It's a very helpful lesson for us!
Posted by Carlota Belmo on 12/09/22
It’s was not too long ago that we had a series in our churches with the motto “each one reach one,” and that seemed to have worked for a while, then it all died out. I pray that we can get back to the seriousness of it again. In using the multiplication plan we can become disciples well equipped and ready to share and reproduce what we’ve learned.
Posted by Dan Vis on 12/08/22 - Coach
Barbara, we'll include that later in Revival School, of course!
Posted by Barbara E. LaRose on 12/08/22
Enjoyed reading this post and want to sign up for that class so that I can continue to grow in the area of discipleship.   
Posted by Dan Vis on 12/05/22 - Coach
Well, that's a good point Louise. Given that reproduction is all about people, it makes sense that's also the greatest challenge. :)
Posted by Louise P on 12/04/22
The biggest hindrance to reproduction is people, but they are also the essential component of Multiplication. Multiplication is superior to Addition if you want growth!
Posted by Dan Vis on 09/28/21 - Coach
I second your hope Kathryn, that "our crowns are too heavy to wear", whether our efforts are online or something more in person. Let's keeping doing all we can!

Thanks for emphasizing the need for an abiding connection Denise. It's true--that's the only way we can bear much fruit. I also appreciated your reminder that Jesus multiplied a few loaves and fishes, and transformed water into wine. And that He can still do the same, if we'll but cooperate with Him!

Glad this was a blessing Valerie. This concept of multiplication does free us from so much pressure--knowing even modest efforts can be multiplied many times over, in exciting ways, if we just stay in tune with God. As for focus, it seems to me there are two aspects of it: direction and concentration. Maybe I should have said my direction has never really wavered. As for concentration, dings and bells do distract me sometimes too! :)
Posted by Valerie Wise Burrell on 09/28/21 - Coach
I may have read this memo before but it reinforces the notion that all I need do is teach one person how to share this Gospel truth and the Holy Spirit uses that person to teach someone else who teaches someone else and so on. I so enjoy how you use science and mathematical principles to bring out Bible truths! Understanding that the results are up to God frees me to just keep allowing Him to use me to do my part. He is responsible for the rest.

I also gained new insight from Isaiah 60:22A little one shall become a thousand, and a small one a strong nation: I the LORD will hasten it in his time. and Jeremiah 33:22As the host of heaven cannot be numbered, neither the sand of the sea measured: so will I multiply the seed of David my servant, and the Levites that minister unto me.. I am excited to more consciously use this process for soul-winning.

Finally, you mentioned that your focus has never wavered from your vision and God has blessed you. This notion of focus is particularly relevant to me as I am reading about or listening to how technology has influenced people's attention and ability to focus on one thing. I am all too aware of how I get distracted by alerts, rings, lights on the computer, phones, and other electronic tools. They can and are great helps but at times, they are also "lead rods". I praise God for how He continues to use you to reach souls for His kingdom.
Posted by Denise Buglino on 09/27/21
Well, I'm terrible at math, but I get what you said Dan. Here's a text that popped into mind.....1Co_3:7  So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase. That being said, it is up to each individual to maintain that vital connection with the vine, the source of their own spiritual life, in order to grow and produce any fruit. The branch may produce more fruit every year as the branch grows stronger and stronger by taking what Jesus provides for it - His strength, the water of life and food/nutrients/bread. We will never do anything exponentially except through Him as Dan said in comment below on 6-5-18 -for it says in John 15:5I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.  I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing. That is important to remember in doing math - especially encouraging for those of us who can barely do 1 + 1=2 addition. maybe using His mathematical formula Jesus will take our + and turn it to an X?   We know Jesus multiplied the few loaves and little fishes and turned simple water into abundant wine when the people, disciples, and servants took what they had and gave it, listened to and obeyed His voice and exercised faith. The same thing happened after Pentecost. Our God is a mathematical genius! : )
Posted by Kathryn D. Search on 09/27/21
It looks like the best I can hope for, as far as gaining souls who will win more souls, is what I do online. And that makes it so I am less likely to see the results, until I get to heaven. But that's ok. For if I do my best, there will be results, and I hope multiplied results. Let us hope our crowns are too heavy to wear. (big smile)
Posted by Dan Vis on 05/27/19 - Coach
I don't really recommend doing Truth Corps and Basic Training together Gayle. It's possible, but I think your experience would be better to focus on one or the other.
Posted by Gayle Voigt on 05/27/19
Can Truth Corps be taken simultaneously with Basic Training? And AWE if you open it up?
Posted by Dan Vis on 06/05/18 - Coach
Carole, my wife definitely has an amazing gift for being able to talk to people. So thankful for her. She's not online as much as I am, but she does so much in other ways to make FAST work! I can't praise God enough for her.

I often say she's the heart behind our ministry. :)
Posted by Carole Bliss on 06/05/18
I had the opportunity to speak with your wife one time, when you were still in Aurora. I had called for some reason, I can't recall right now. By the time we finished visiting, I felt like I have known her for a long time.
This is a great compliment for your wife. I delighted in talking with her.
To God be the Glory.
Enjoy each day together, one never knows how many years we have with our mates. Each day is a gift.
Posted by Dan Vis on 06/05/18 - Coach
Thanks Carole! God is good. :) Curiously, and entirely unplanned, I note there is a close connection between marriage and multiplication, isn't there? And I'm talking spiritually--without a strong and intimate connection to Christ, there is no way we can bear fruit. But praise God for John 15:5I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.!
Posted by Carole Bliss on 06/04/18
Congratulations! on your wedding anniversary. May His Spirit fill you both with His love each day.

Posted by Dan Vis on 06/04/18 - Coach
Thank you Jonathan! We've been very blessed together and I thank the Lord for the years we've had so far. Can't wait to see what's ahead! :)
Posted by Jonathan Rutaganira on 06/04/18
Congratulations to you and your wife Dan

May the Lord’s goodness and blessings be upon you. May He grant you many more happy years together.
Posted by Dan Vis on 06/04/18 - Coach
Good guess Dan, but I have another book in mind actually... And thanks for the congrats!

Same to you Robert. :)
Posted by Dan Pratt on 06/04/18
Congratulations on your anniversary, Dan and Vi.

Great post. Yes! Multiplication. Exponential growth! I'm excited. Would we be exploring the the explosion of spiritual growth in the book of Acts next?
Posted by Robert Gonzales on 06/04/18
Congratulations to you and your wife Dan🎉🎉🎉
Posted by Dan Vis on 06/04/18 - Coach
Prayer is a key part of the soul-winning process Carole. And the training process too, for that matter. It's only one spoke on the disciple's wheel, but it is definitely an important one!
Posted by Dan Vis on 06/04/18 - Coach
Another way to look at it, is that it's not really how many we win but how many soul winners we put in the field. If I focus one year on winning someone to Christ, I've won one person. But if I spend that year training someone to be a soul winner who wins souls year after year, the net result for the kingdom of God could be dozens of souls won to Christ through the course of that person's life. That's where the real impact comes--being able to mobilize people for ministry!

And isn't that the point of the ministry Jesus did? While He did both evangelism and training, He regularly prioritized the training of the 12 over reaching the multitudes. And more and more so the closer He got to the end of His work. He recognized in the long run that investment would yield more benefit.

Actually, I think we can multiply faster than once a year. We saw our best results practically when 2-3 leaders trained 8-10. So that's 3-4 times faster. But, if the training is incomplete (lead rods), and doesn't result if full reproduction the overall rate of growth will be slower because not every person will end up reproducing. There's also the question of whether or not they will continue reproducing faithfully over a sustained period of time.

FAST is dedicated to trying to solve these issues so every person who chooses to, can live a wildly fruitful life for God. I believe we can all have a successful ministry, beyond our craziest imagination, if we will but discover and follow God's principles and prioritize multiplication. Psalms 2:8Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession.
Posted by Carole Bliss on 06/04/18
Where I am coming from, I am realizing, prayer is my tool to reach people. It seems that the Lord brings people into my life, who I can pray with, and share with. I am depending on HIM to lead me. Prayer, and seek His plan, to reach others, is working for me. Its like the song, If each one, will reach one, etc.
Very interesting how all the works, and it works by the plan HE has put in place long ago, and you listened and followed through with it.
I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.
Posted by Ann Lavenburg on 06/04/18
Yes, Dan, I agree absolutely that the multiplication principal has to be taken on faith. All of our contacts have great potential but we likely will never see it personally. My husband and I have personally studied with 2 couples and they're baptized but that is a drop in the bucket in comparison to the other contacts that have been made. By faith we look to the future harvest.
Posted by Dan Vis on 06/04/18 - Coach
You are right, Ann, but the focus of this article is not really on numbers. I only used numbers to illustrate the strategy we should prioritize. Do we pursue addition or multiplication? Is it evangelism alone, or evangelism plus training?

The powerful thing about multiplication is it doesn't require us to win 100 people per year--as amazing as that might be. The person illustrated in Plan B above, won only one person a year each of those 30 years. A total of just 30 people! That's something almost anyone can do. There's always someone around we can reach, usually several. But that number exploded to 1 billion, because he trained those he won. That's the point.

And yes, he could have been discouraged because he only won 30 people over the course of his life. He may not have seen many of the people those 30 went on to win, and he likely didn't see most of those beyond the 3rd or 4th generation. But multiplication allows us to rejoice by faith just the same.

I've trained a fair number over the years--and they've scattered around the world. I have no way of knowing what they have done with their life, this side of heaven. But I simply entrust my work to God by faith, because I believe I've followed his plan of multiplication. We may see some of those numbers, over time, but the great majority of our impact will only be seen by faith.
Posted by Ann Lavenburg on 06/04/18
God never takes away a person's free will. So ultimately the response is predicated upon those targeted. Look how few seemed to have responded to Jesus. Peter was given the reaping experience. Many will never see 100 baptisms but they are seed planters. Focusing on numbers is not always a good thing. God can and does multiply but this emphasis on numbers can be discouraging for those who don't see the results in numbers.

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