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Our church recently conducted a Memory Challenge of its own: the entire book of Daniel. We divided the book into small portions, encouraged every member to participate, and set a target date. Then, we prepared blank sheets for each passage, and arranged them in order on a loooonnnng table out in the foyer (some were in other rooms as wells). And then at the appointed time, everyone started writing out their verses from memory.

This is the fourth year we have done a major challenge like this. The first year we did the entire book of Revelation, then the Sermon on the Mount, and then last year we did 1st, 2nd, and 3rd John twice over (the passage was shorter). Each year, we have had great participation and enthusiasm. Look at all the smiles:

Want to run a challenge like this in your church? Consider becoming a branch training team. We can give you access to all the tools you need to create simple signup sheets and forms for writing out each section. Choose any book and any passage length, and we put it all together.


Think your church might be interested in doing a challenge like this? We were surprised at the enthusiastic response. You may be too!

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Posted by Dan Vis on 12/15/16 - Coach
I've taught for many years the importance of memorization, but have been consistently surprized by how much enthusiasm an event like this can generate. The church seems to love it! It is always fun.
Posted by Christine on 12/15/16
Dan, this is the thing with Bible memorisation, that it's for all ages and it gets all ages come together! Yes it would be a great idea to keep all the "manuscripts" together of your multiversion of the book of Daniel and keep them in an "ark". ;)
Special congrats on the elder for tackling a whole chapter and longer one! Lovely picture of all the memorisers! :)

Posted by Dan Vis on 12/12/16 - Coach
Great! Hope it works out Mirriam. Let me know if you have questions. And don't forget to sign up for REVIVE :: 2017. Going to be a great blessing...
Posted by Mirriam Motang on 12/09/16
I will suggest this to our church
Posted by Dan Vis on 12/08/16 - Coach
Christine, we allow each person to choose their own translation.

The first year we had the papers all bound in an attractive cover. Wish we had kept all those--could make our own (giant) Bible eventually.

We also had some of the smaller children draw pictures the first year to illustrate the passages. I think Kelly McCarthy did something similar with illustrations in her church. Though this year, many of children helped in the memorization.

As for Daniel 11, we had one ambitious elder in our church memorize the entire chapter. Did a great job on it. We also had David come in as our backup. He finished up the last little bit of the book during our Breakout Challenge.

It never ceases to surprize me how much people enjoy this--even those who don't normally memorize much. It's a really fun time for our church.
Posted by Fiona van Wyk on 12/08/16
Wonderful! :)
Posted by Christine on 12/08/16
Praise the Lord! Congrats, especially on those who took chapter 11!!
Just curious Dan if for this kind of challenge you all use the same Bible version..?
Posted by Lillian E. Cepeda on 12/07/16
Wow, this is fantastic! Great to begin a New Year.
I will talk to our Pastor about it. We will most likely start in February, since we are having Evangelistic Meetings in January.
Posted by Joyce Augustinis on 12/07/16
That is really fantastic. I think it would also be great to have each one say their verses out loud at a chapel meeting or vespers too.
Posted by Kelly McCarthy on 12/07/16

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