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Are you excited about our mission to bring cutting-edge, Bible-centered training to the world? To help every believer learn how to memorize Scripture, apply it to their life, and then pass it on to others? Eager to share what you are learning here at FAST with friends and family?

Then join our new Booster Club!

We recently added a new link in the menu area called Booster Tools, and if you click it, you will find a variety of resources to help in your sharing efforts. Here's how it all works.

First, every student is assigned a unique sign-up code for each of our classes. You can find yours, by clicking the "Sign-up Codes" link at the bottom of the Booster Tools menu. Basically it is the shortcut link to the class, with your member id stuck on the end.

All you have to do to invite someone to join a class, is send them that link and encourage them to sign-up.

Something special happens when they use your link. First, you are notified when someone clicks your link, and second, we'll tell you who they are if they go ahead and sign up for a class. Near the top of the Booster Tools page, you'll see a link that says "My Sign-ups". Just click there to see your latest sign-ups.

Actually, starting in March, we plan to begin awarding small gifts to those who encourage others to sign up. You can click the "Prizes" link to see what gifts we have in mind. Expect these to change a bit from month to month.

There's also a "Leader Board" link along the top so you can see how your efforts compare with others members of our community. Actually, we're planning special prizes for whoever enrolls the most each month. Can't wait to see who wins the first month!

If you continue to explore the main menu area, you'll see several more links.

Click "Tell a Friend" to send a personal invite to people you have tagged as friends. This is a great way to provide encouragement to individuals at FAST you have chosen to give personal support. There are also links there to find other members (by name and now email) and there is an activity link to see what your friends have been doing.

We've added a "Send an Invite" link with suggested wording for promoting a featured class through an email. Send it to anyone you believe might be benefited by a class at FAST. Adjust the sign-up code and the message as needed, depending on the course you want to promote, and the person you are inviting.

Note that friends don't have to sign up for our current featured class to count as one of your sign-ups. Any class they join counts toward your goal!

We've also added a section for "Bulletin Inserts". Forward these on to your bulletin editor and you can share our training with your entire church. We've also added a copy in DOCX format so you can edit the insert to use your sign-up code.

Not that not all classes are free - and some classes are closed at times while they are being updated or otherwise revised. To give every member access to every available class, you would want to register your church as a training center.

Last, we've included a page with even more ideas for sharing a class. And if you are looking for little promo cards to give out to friends, you can find a link there for those as well. The possibilities are endless!

All in all, we trust this will be a great resource to help you in your efforts to encourage those you care about to climb higher in their walk with God.


What do you think of our booster club? Have additional ideas for sharing? Or suggestions for how we can improve these tools? Leave a note in the comments below...

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Posted by Fiona van Wyk on 02/24/18
That's a nice thought - a big, international team! :-) Everyone doing their little bit ... producing a big picture!
Posted by Dan Vis on 02/23/18 - Coach
That's our goal Fiona! I like to think of our community as a big, international team, all working together to promote memorization, discipleship, and ministry. Anything we can do here at headquarters to make it easier for you is a good thing! :)
Posted by Fiona van Wyk on 02/23/18
I appreciated the article, Dan. I have already looked at the link and it all looks good! It is now so easy to do invites. :-)
Posted by Dan Vis on 02/21/18 - Coach
Thanks Delene! Can't wait for March to get here so we can give our booster tools a good test...
Posted by Delene Drescher on 02/21/18
Great idea!

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