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We finished our REVIVE course less than a week ago, and we've already begun analyzing the results of our exit survey. Below are a few insights gleaned from our preliminary results.

The survey size was a bit smaller than anticipated. Still, out of nearly 1200 participants, almost 200 people completed our survey. That's a large enough size to get some feel of how class members felt about the course. Here's our questions and answers:

Do you feel this course helped you better understand revival?
A full 98% gave this a yes answer. It's not clear whether the 3 people who said no already understood revival well, or simply didn't find our content helpful. But we are happy with such a high positive score!

About how many lessons were you able to complete?
Good results here as well--almost 90% reported completing all 10 studies! That's an exceptionally high completion rate for online courses. And the percentage may actually be higher, as our classroom is still open to give remaining class members a chance to finish up. Regardless, it seems the format we are using now is working well for most class participants.

Which lessons (topics) did you find most helpful?
The answers to this questions ranged over the entire set. I hope to chart this more accurately but my initial assessment was that each of the lessons seemed to be enjoyed by different people in roughly equal measure.

Which lessons (topics) did you find least helpful?
Here the answers were almost all the same. At least 95% of the respondents felt every lesson was good, and there was no lesson they felt should be left out.

How motivated are you to continue the pursuit of revival?
On a scale of 1 (low) to 5 (high), 95% gave this a score of 4 or 5. Of those 83% gave it a 5. Our graduates clearly came out with a strong desire to continue seeking more of God's Spirit in their life.

How would you rate each of the following?
Here are most common answers for each area, based on a similar scale of 1 to 5. In every area, at least 90% gave us one of the top two scores. The problem some people had posting comments seems to have been a factor in a slightly lower score for the classroom environment.

Class Content: 77% gave a 5, 21% gave a 4.
Coaching Support: 78% gave a 5, 19% gave a 4.
Student Interactions: 59% gave a 5, 33% gave a 4.
Classroom Environment: 64% gave a 5, 26% gave a 4.

In each area, more than 90% gave us a favorable score. Praise God!

Would you recommend this course to a friend?
All but 1 person said yes, giving us a score of more than 99%. Praise God...

Would you enjoy taking additional courses like this in the future?
The same exact score. One person said no, the other 99 % all said yes. That' encouraging too!

What is your overall rating of this course?
On a scale of 1 to 5 stars, we received a score of 4.8.

Which topics most interest you for future intensives:
Interestingly, the results of this survey varied significantly from our exit survey from the Breakout Memory Challenge where we asked a similar question. It could be this series tweaked interest in certain topics, or it was simply a different group of people. Hard to say. It is also interesting that there was some variation between those who responded first and those responded later. But here are the most recent results:

65% Prayer
56% Biblical Meditation
54% Giving Bible Studies
52% Time Management
51% Spiritual Gifts
49% Disciple-Making
44% Spiritual Fasting
43% Relationships
42% Launching a Ministry
34% Care Groups
33% The Moral Machinery
24% The Ten Commandments

There was also a question asking for feedback on how we could improve this course, with several great suggestions in the answers. We will be studying all of these suggestions carefully for future courses!

Thanks so much to each person who participated in REVIVE :: 2017, and especially to those who completed our exit survey.


Did you enjoy REVIVE as well? Do these numbers reflect your experience? Leave a note in the comments below.

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Posted by Dan Vis on 01/24/17 - Coach
Looks like you got tagging right. :) Thanks.
Posted by Lisette Morgan on 01/23/17
Thank you Dan Dan for that encouragement and thank Sherry Sherry for that beautiful prayer. Amen and amen!

I shall continue to encourage Gavin. Please just keep him in prayer.

Blessings to you.

Not sure how to do the tagging. Hope I have done it right. :-)
Posted by Sherry Olson on 01/23/17
Heavenly Father, we lift Gavin up to you and ask Lord as we stand in the gap, that you would forgive him his sins, demolish the stronghold of pride, and in Jesus name, cast down any high and lofty imagination that would exalt itself against the knowledge of you, take his every thought into captive obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ. Help Gavin, strengthen Gavin, that he would accept your forgiveness, enable him to forgive himself, and bless his loved one with a forgiving heart toward Gavin. Bless them both with emotional and spiritual healing, that they would know your peace and joy, as only you can give. Bless Lisette in her conversation with Gavin, cause her to speak as a learned disciple that her words would bring glory to you Heavenly Father. We praise you Lord that you blessed us with the gift of the Holy Spirit and that He takes our prayers to you and makes them acceptable before you. You are a righteous God and you break the cords of the wicked that try to bind us, break these cords that the guilt would not have a strangle hold on Gavin and He would see your grace, your enduring love, and the peace you offer.
We ask these things in Jesus Name, Amen
Posted by Dan Vis on 01/23/17 - Coach
Lisette, glad these studies could be a blessing to your friend. Seems God is using them to bring conviction of sin. We must continue to pray God will give him courage and hope through the great promise of the Holy Spirit in the Bible. And of course repentance and a strong sense of forgiveness. :)

Please encourage him to keep his eyes focused on the Savior who has showed such love to us. Be looking to Christ we are healed.
Posted by Lisette Morgan on 01/23/17
Yes! And once again I loved the course, I recently copied and pasted the daily lessons to a family member who I know does not have a computer but sent them to his phone by a different method. I know that I am not supposed to do that but was impressed to. I felt impressed to contact him yesterday and thought I would type parts of his reply to me. I felt heartsore and yet relieved for him:

"Hi Lisette... It's been a very humbling experience for me..just when I thought I had it all together, when I thought I am ok, my life fell apart again... I read through each day's study with growing trepidation..due to the realisation that I was so far off track its just not funny. I was playing at religion really... I am going to redo the entire study again. I need personal revival desperately... Thank you Lisette... thank you. These prayer and revival studies were deeply moving to me."

Please keep my friend in prayer for spiritual strength and a renewal/revival in his life. His name is Gavin.

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