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Personal Discipleship
By Dan Vis
January 20, 2020

In this memo, I want to introduce what may be our most important training track: DISCIPLESHIP. Get ready to discover the core strategy we recommend for helping believers not only grow, but reproduce...

A super hero Christian

For over 30 years, I've given my life to ministry. Early on, I became convinced the most important work we can do is to mobilize and empower believers for service. That the great need of the hour is true discipleship training. That our priority must be equipping men and women with the skills and tools they need to equip others. That if we could just get back to the New Testament model of multiplication, our churches could become powerhouses for evangelism. And that nothing else could finish the work.

I still believe it.

But it's not been easy. While God has seen fit to give us tools that have helped thousands grow spiritually--the viral replication of workers we've sought has not yet been fully sparked.

Here's the conclusion I've come to: things are not going to happen until we plead with God for more power. For more of the Holy Spirit. Or to put it differently, multiplication is not going to trigger revival. Rather, revival is going to trigger multiplication!   

In fact, looking back, that is the only thing that has ever sparked viral replication. That has ever transformed a church into a powerhouse. Revival, we know, is the greatest and most urgent of all our needs. And so, we are committed at FAST to making that our first work. To calling believers everywhere back to the Bible. Back to personal discipleship. Which is what this training track is all about: equipping you to be a revival agent...

The Discipleship Track

If you've been a part of our ministry for awhile, you have probably heard about our discipleship track. It a series of three main Bible study courses designed to help you take in, live out, and then pass on God's Word. These courses form the backbone of our this training track. In fact, they form the backbone of ALL our training.

If I could encourage every person at FAST to do just one track, it would be this one.

Now unlike the short courses in our MEMORIZATION track, these study guide courses are specifically designed for use in small groups. Which means completing them gives you insights into how you can begin making disciples yourself in your family, small group, or church. You can still work through them individually, but the best way to go through this track is to gather a few friends, and go through these lessons together. Or better yet, to do it as a small group or class in your local church. That's what our Training Teams option is all about.

What do the lessons cover? Here are the main modules:

1: Launch
We kick off your training in this track with an introduction to the subject of revival. In fact, we'll guide you through what was probably the most popular class we have ever offered at FAST, a 10 day upper room experience, we recently retitled Dry Bones.

Basically, we start your training with a vision of what could be, and a prayer that this vision will motivate you to press forward, and persevere through this track.

2: Hold FAST   
Module two guides you through our 5 week Survival Kit course, which focuses on Bible memorization. These lessons introduce a new format to your training, including weekly objectives, Bible searches, assigned verses, memory keys, and more. And while the content is similar to information covered in our level one track, these lessons model the ideal way to introduce a friend to memorization. .

These lessons are our very best resource for helping others begin memorizing Scripture. Work through the lessons, and you'll know just how to get a friend started too. Learn to use these lessons effectively, and you'll be off to a great start in your quest to become a disciple-maker.

3: Stand FAST   
Module three digs a lot deeper into the essentials of day to day discipleship. In particular, we'll do a 9 week study guide course called Basic Training. It zooms in on the four main spokes of the disciple's wheel: Bible study, prayer, time management, and personal witnessing. While memorization may be the spark that gets a person growing, these core disciplines lay a foundation of spiritual maturity. And that foundation is key to effective ministry. Getting the foundation right is essential.

We also include some of our most valuable short classes in this module to reinforce what you learn in the study guides: the Application Workshop, Prayer Secrets, and our Life Focus system courses. Complete these supplemental classes, and you will be even better prepared to help others start growing in their walk with God.

4: Work FAST   
The third main set of lessons in our discipleship track has been updated to a new study guide course called Revival Keys. This 9 week program explores our urgent need for revival, and the essential conditions of revival--and it gives you tools to help put those things in place. You'll also be given a strategy for pursuing revival in your local church. You'll learn how to safeguard a revival experience when it comes. And you'll know just what to do to help see revival spread. Step by step, these lessons will guide you into becoming a fully-equipped revival agent.

I believe this course has the potential to change everything. People hungry to grow will be drawn to your life. And you will have the tools you need to help them grow in memorization, discipleship, and revival. Soon you'll be able to gather a small group around you, where revival can burn more and more brightly. In time, it will spill out into the rest of your church. And from there, into your community. We're locked into this vision at FAST, and pray you will commit to it too.

5: The Commission    
The final module in this track works through another important short class, called The Lost Art of Disciple-Making as well as our ebook, the Leaders Manual. Basically, we'll walk you through the nuts and bolts of replicating our entire training curriculum in your local church. We'll cover everything you need to know from how to advertise your class to graduating those you train.

We'll also introduce you to some of the leadership resources we have available to those who lead teams--from step by step teacher tips and quizzes, to supplemental handouts, certificates of completion, and more. Our goal here is to close out this track with everything you need for true spiritual multiplication.


The Great Commission gives us a clear mandate: to go and make disciples. That means not just leading people to Christ, but teaching them to observe everything Christ commanded us (Matthew 28:19-2019 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: 20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.). And that mandate reaches on down today. He promises to be with us in this work, always, even to the end of the world.

If you have ever wanted to be a part of this Great Commission and get personally involved in this work of helping fellow believers grow, this track will give you the training you need. Why not make a serious commitment, right now, to learn more fully how to take in, live out, and pass on God's Word.

And even more, to equip yourself with the tools you need to train others. We'll walk you through the whole process, step by step, so you know exactly what to do. Make it your goal to:

It really is time to raise up an army of revival agents. Enlist today...

Take the Next Step

Ready to get serious about your own personal discipleship? Want tools to deepen your walk with God? And to help others get growing as well?

Just click the button below to start this track now:

Tell Me More...


How important is making disciples to the Great Commission? What is the connection between revival and spiritual multiplication? What might happen if we had well trained revival agents in every church? How committed are you to becoming a revival agent yourself? Share your thoughts below...

Posted by Dan Vis on 01/20/20  
Amen Carole! That's the only way the work can be done...
Posted by Carole Bliss on 01/20/20  
We need disciples to complete the great commission work, God has given us to do. When people come alive, they need to share. Each one to reach one. May we all pray for His Spirit to revive us in all of our churches.

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